AT&T's Online Warranty Exchange
Conditions and Disclosures

AT&T offers its customers the ability to exchange defective wireless equipment online during the applicable Warranty Period (as defined below) subject to agreement with AT&T's Online Warranty Exchange Conditions and Disclosures (the "Terms").

Carefully read these Terms and then click "I Agree to the Terms" below to continue with the online warranty exchange program (the "Program"). If you do not click "I agree to the Terms" you will not be able to proceed with the Program.

1. Warranty Period.

The Program warranty covers both new and refurbished Eligible Devices (as defined below) received by AT&T for replacement in compliance with these Terms during the period beginning on the 15th day following purchase of the Eligible Device and (a) with respect to a refurbished Eligible Device, ending on the 90th day following such purchase, and (b) with respect to an Eligible Device purchased new, ending on the 366th day following such purchase (each, a "Warranty Period").

2. Eligible Devices

Except as set forth below, any wireless data or voice device purchased from AT&T directly or through its authorized dealers, is eligible for the Program (an "Eligible Device"). Eligible Devices do not include:

  1. Any device not purchased from AT&T or its authorized dealers.
  2. Any device that is not branded AT&T.
  3. Any netbooks and laptops.
  4. Any Apple branded device.
  5. Any device that is received by AT&T after the end of the applicable Warranty Period.
  6. Any device that AT&T determines is not defective.
  7. Any device that has either physical or water damage, as determined by AT&T in the exercise of its judgment.

Devices described in a) through g) above are defined as "Ineligible Devices."

3. Eligible Device Replacement Process

  1. Following acceptance of these Terms, AT&T will ship a replacement device (the "Replacement Device") and return kit (the "Return Kit") for your defective Eligible Device. Unless you elect and pay for expedited delivery, the Replacement Device and the Return Kit will be shipped via United States Postal Service with up to a five (5) business day delivery time.
  2. The Return Kit will include a prepaid return shipping label which must be used to return the defective Eligible Device. You must pack your defective Eligible Device using the same shipping material included in the Replacement Device box.
  3. You should not include any removable parts with your returned defective Eligible Device, including, without limitation any of the following:
    • Battery
    • Back cover
    • SIM Card
    • Faceplate
    • Memory Card
    • Any accessory such as a charger and any item that was not included with the Replacement Device provided by AT&T
  4. You should save any contacts to your SIM card prior to returning the defective Eligible Device. You should also save any pictures, data or other personal information to a memory card.
  5. AT&T shall have no responsibility to return or dispose of in any particular way, any removable parts included with your returned defective Eligible Device.
  6. Ringtones are not transferrable to your Replacement Device.

4. Pre-Exchange Trouble Shooting

Before participating in the Program and processing a warranty exchange online you must have completed the device troubleshooting process available at What is Device Troubleshooting. This process will indicate whether your Device is eligible for warranty exchange. Even if otherwise eligible, if your billing address is a P.O. Box, you will be advised to call a toll free number to process your warranty exchange.

5. Ineligible/No Returned Device Charge

In the event that AT&T determines that you have returned an Ineligible Device or AT&T does not receive your device, whether or not an Eligible Device, within fourteen (14) days of your receipt of the Replacement Device, you will be charged an Ineligible/No Returned Device Charge as set forth below. The Ineligible/No Returned Device Charge will be billed on your next regular monthly billing statement.

Ineligible/No ReturnedDevice Charge - $________

Do you understand and agree to these Terms? If you do not agree, you are not eligible for the Program.

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How do I perform an online warranty exchange for my wireless device?
Can I perform an online warranty exchange for my wireless device?


Note: If your phone is an iPhone, see the following topic: How do I replace a broken iPhone?

If you have owned your wireless device for between 15 and 365 days (for devices purchased new) or for between 15 and 90 days (for refurbished devices) and you believe it is defective, you may be eligible for our Online Warranty Exchange program. Devices with physical or liquid damage are not covered under the warranty and are not eligible for a warranty exchange.

In order to perform a warranty exchange online, you should troubleshoot the problem first. See What is Device Troubleshooting? for more information on this process.

After troubleshooting the device issue and after being informed that an exchange is one of your options, you will be taken through the Online Warranty Exchange process.

Not all devices are supported by the Online Warranty Exchange. If your device is not supported, you will be offered alternate solutions.

Once you agree to the AT&T's Online Warranty Exchange Conditions and Disclosures, a replacement device will be shipped via FedEx® or USPS®.

When your replacement phone arrives, follow the instructions for returning the defective device. A preprinted and prepaid return shipping label will be included with your replacement device.

Note: There will be a shipping charge for customer requested expedited shipping. In addition, if the device is not returned within 14 days of receiving the replacement or if the device that is returned is determined not to be eligible for the Online Warranty Exchange program, you will be billed for a charge for the replacement device. This charge will be disclosed toyou as part of your acceptance of the Online Warranty Exchange Conditions and Disclosures.

After the warranty exchange is processed, an email will be sent to the account holder's email address. The email will contain a link to update your IMEI/SIM online.

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