AT&T PREPAID℠ AutoPay Terms for customers enrolled effective 4/24/17

Updated December 10, 2019

Important Information about AT&T PREPAID℠ AutoPay – Monthly and Non-Monthly Plans & Electronic Communication Consent

Payment Terms: Services purchased using AutoPay are subject to AT&T PREPAID Terms of Service and Plan Terms. Payments are not returnable, transferable or exchangeable. Payment amounts expire as follows: $10 to $24 expires in 30 days, $25 to $99 expires in 90 days, and $100 or more expires in 1 year. Account balance is not refundable and is forfeited at expiration date. Accounts will be cancelled 60 days after expiration.

By entering Your checking account, credit or debit card, PayPal or other payment method (each a Payment Method) information and then clicking Agree as Your electronic signature, You authorize AT&T and/or its agents to store the Payment Method information You have provided to Us, and to automatically charge to this Payment Method each AutoPay amount as described below. You certify you are the Payment Method owner or have authorization to use the Payment Method information You provided, and are authorized to make charges to and permit Us to store the Payment Method information You provided. Monthly plans may require a payment each month or a payment for multiple months of service. Account holders on a monthly plan will be charged on the AutoPay due date the amount of the plan plus the cost of any recurring Add-Ons or other charges to the account and any applicable taxes and fees based on account holder's billing address, minus any existing balance on the AT&T PREPAID account, any discounts applicable to the plan, including the AutoPay discount, and any promotional credits or other offers. Please note that taxes and fees may change the payment amount up to 10% without additional notice. AT&T PREPAID account holders who are not on a monthly plan will be charged the amount of $25, regardless of any existing account balance.

Account holders on a monthly plan will be notified, via SMS message, ten (10) days and two (2) days in advance of your AutoPay due date of the amount that will be charged to Your Payment Method that month. Account holders on a monthly plan that requires a payment for multiple months of service will receive an additional notice thirty (30) days in advance of your AutoPay due date. Please note that any purchases you make in between either of these notices and the date that AT&T PREPAID charges your AutoPay payment that reduce the amount of money in your AT&T PREPAID account will increase the amount of your AutoPay payment. Your upcoming AutoPay amount will also be reflected in your online account at

Non-monthly account holders will be charged $25 the day before the existing AT&T PREPAID account balance is due to expire. Non-monthly account holders will be notified, via SMS message, two (2) days in advance of the charge.

This AutoPay authorization will remain in effect until you cancel it. You may cancel AutoPay at any time at, or by dialing 611 from your prepaid device or 800.901.9878, which cancellation notice will be effective when AT&T has had a reasonable opportunity to act on it. AutoPay cancellation or unsuccessful payment may cause an interruption of Your service and additional reactivation fees. Promotional discounts or incentives that require AutoPay will be removed if AutoPay is cancelled or otherwise terminated.

You agree to keep Your Payment Method information up to date, and in the case of a credit or debit card You acknowledge that AT&T can receive updated card information from the financial institution issuing the card. You may choose another Payment Method in the future by contacting AT&T and providing the new Payment Method information. If a charge to Your Payment Method is declined including for insufficient funds, we may re-submit the charge up to the number of times permitted by network rules. You release AT&T from any and all claims arising from Your use of AutoPay.

ELECTRONIC COMMUNICATION CONSENT (CONSENT): By clicking Agree as Your electronic signature, You consent to receive notices as to your next payment amount and the upcoming date the funds will be withdrawn/charged and other disclosures and communications (collectively, Communications) from AT&T in electronic form by AT&T sending text messages to your wireless number. In order to receive Communications electronically, You must have a wireless account and a functioning wireless device that can receive and retain text messages. You can withdraw Your consent at any time by calling us at the telephone numbers above; however, please note that withdrawing Your consent will result in Your AT&T PREPAID account being un-enrolled in AutoPay. If Your wireless number changes, You agree to promptly provide us with an updated wireless number by contacting Us at the telephone number or address above.

A confirmation of Your enrollment in AutoPay will be sent to You. These terms will be available to you through the link on your online account at, which You can access at any time.