Consumer Service Agreement

This is the primary document for AT&T's postpaid wireless, prepaid wireless, and internet services. Find additional documents for business or government customers.

Prior Consumer Service Agreement (before 09/20/2022)

This is the Consumer Service Agreement in effect prior to September 20, 2022.

Customer Agreement and Plans - AT&T PREPAID

Here you can find plan terms and agreements for AT&T's prepaid wireless services.

AT&T Mobility Fee Schedule

This document lists AT&T discretionary fees that apply to your service. These are not taxes or charges the government requires AT&T collect from its customers.

Applications, Services and Features

The Wireless Application Terms cover the AT&T applications you download and use with your AT&T wireless device. The Wireless Feature / Service Terms cover the features and services related to AT&T's wireless voice and data services.

Policies and Processes

Miscellaneous statements or disclosures concerning AT&T policies and practices governing, for example, the use of AT&T websites and/or the purchase of, or the use of AT&T's wireless products and services.

Other Charges Applicable to Wireless Services

Additional charges that may be applicable to use of wireless services from AT&T not included within the one-time download charge for applications or in the monthly rates applicable to wireless service plans or features.