AT&T Consumer Service Agreement

General Terms

Welcome to AT&T!

By activating, using, or paying for any AT&T products or services (“AT&T Service(s)” or “Service(s)”), you agree to be bound by this Consumer Service Agreement (“Agreement”). If you don’t agree, please contact us immediately to cancel your order and/or service and return any products. For AT&T Services, visit, and for FirstNet, visit

Please read this Agreement carefully. It requires you and AT&T to resolve disputes through arbitration on an individual basis rather than jury trials or class actions. It also governs how we handle your information, including information related to your AT&T Account and your location.

1.1 Our Agreement

In this Agreement, unless otherwise specified, “AT&T” and “we” mean the AT&T affiliated companies and their successors and assigns.

AT&T offers many products and services. This Agreement includes a set of universal terms (“General Terms”) and specific Service terms (“Service Terms”). You’re bound by the General Terms and the Service Terms for each AT&T Service you purchase or use. In addition, your Agreement incorporates AT&T’s Privacy Policy (at, Acceptable Use Policy (at, any Customer Service Summary provided to you, and any other documents or terms specifically referenced in the applicable General Terms and Service Terms. In the event of a conflict between the General Terms and the applicable Service Terms, the Service Terms will govern our relationship with you.

Please use these links to view the Service Terms for each specific Service:

  • If you have postpaid AT&T Wireless service (including FirstNet Subscriber Paid User service), your Wireless Service Terms are in Section 2.
  • If you have prepaid AT&T Wireless service, you’re subject to the Prepaid Wireless Service Terms in Section 3 as well as the Wireless Service Terms in Section 2.
  • If you have a DataConnect/Session-based Wireless plan, you’re subject to the Service Terms in Section 4, in addition to the Wireless Service Terms in Section 2 and (if your data plan is prepaid) the Prepaid Wireless Service Terms in Section 3.
  • If you’re an AT&T Phone or AT&T Phone – Advanced customer, your Service Terms are in Section 5.
  • If you have home internet from AT&T, including AT&T Fiber, AT&T Internet, AT&T Internet Air, AT&T Fixed Wireless, or AT&T DSL service, your Service Terms are in Section 6. If your home internet service is provided via the AT&T Wireless Network, you will also be subject to the applicable sections of the Wireless Services Terms in Section 2.
  • If you have Business Internet service (for small business), you’re subject to the Business Internet Service Terms in Section 7 as well as the Internet Service Terms in Section 6.

1.2 Your AT&T Account and Account Access

You may need to set up one or more accounts (“AT&T Account(s)” or “Account(s)”) in order to purchase or use AT&T Services. You must ensure that any information you provide us in connection with your AT&T Accounts and AT&T Services, including contact information and billing information, is accurate and current.

You’re responsible for any activity that occurs on or through your AT&T Accounts. We do not guarantee the security of your AT&T Accounts. You must ensure that your Account information and password(s) for accessing your Accounts and personal information are secure. If you learn of any unauthorized use of any AT&T Account, please contact us immediate