GoPhone AutoPay Terms for customers enrolled prior to 4/24/17

Important Information about Your GoPhone AutoPay

Note for 2G devices only: If you have a 2G device, you should not enroll in AutoPay due to the 2G Network shut-down at the end of December 2016. If you do enroll, AT&T may interrupt, suspend or cancel your AutoPay enrollment without notice.

Payment Terms: Services purchased using AutoPay are subject to GoPhone Terms of Service and Plan Terms. This payment is not returnable, transferable or exchangeable. Refill amounts expire as follows: $10 to $24 expires in 30 days, $25 to $99 expires in 90 days, and $100 or more expires in 1 year. Account balance is not refundable and is forfeited at expiration date. Accounts will be cancelled 60 days after expiration.

By enrolling, you authorize AT&T and/or its agents to charge the credit/debit card or debit the checking account for the total amount and frequency listed. Applicable taxes and fees based on your billing address will be added to each payment. Those taxes and fees may change the payment amount up to 10% without additional notice.

GoPhone may offer you promotions from time to time that may impact the amount of your AutoPay.

This authorization will remain in effect until you cancel it. You may cancel AutoPay at any time at, by dialing 611 from your Prepaid device or 800.901.9878.