Paperless Bill and Bill Notice Disclosures - General Form

These disclosures contain important information about your rights.

  • Types of Information to be Provided in Electronic Form. By agreeing to paperless billing, you will consent to AT&T providing electronically, as described below, (1) your periodic service bill for all AT&T services, including, without limitation, your wireless (voice and data), wireline (voice and data) and Uverse (broadband, entertainment or voice) services ("your AT&T services"), whether subscribed to now or in the future (all, collectively, "your AT&T bills"), and (2) all disclosures, notices, records, and other types of information related to your AT&T services (both current and future) that would, under AT&T practice, be included in your AT&T bills. These notices, include, without limitation, (a) notice of price changes; (b) notice of service changes; (c) Terms of Service (customer agreements) for your AT&T services; (d) notice of changes to Terms of Service; (e) mandated governmental notices, including notices related to Customer Proprietary Network Information (CPNI) rights and Do Not Call rights; (f) confirmation letters; and (g) any other type of information currently sent to you by mail, including via bill page message or bill insert (together with your AT&T bills, the "Documents").
  • Paper Copies. You may obtain a paper copy of your Documents by contacting us at an AT&T business office. Where permitted by law, there may be a fee for a paper copy of the Documents following your receipt of an electronic copy of the Documents. This fee may be up to $5.00 per request. Any applicable fee will be disclosed to you at the time of your request for a paper copy of the Documents.
  • Withdrawing Consent. By contacting us in the manner described above, you also may withdraw your consent to receipt of the Documents in electronic form. You may also change your paperless bill election in the billing section of your Account. We will begin sending the Documents to you in paper form within a commercially reasonable time after your request.
  • Method of Providing Electronic Documents. If you consent to receipt of electronic Documents we will notify you of the availability of the Documents by e-mail using the e-mail address you provide. You will be able to access, view, and print these Documents by logging into your online customer care account (the "Account"). By consenting to receipt of the Documents in electronic form, as described above, you acknowledge and agree that you are registered or will register your Account and can or will be able to access, read and print the Documents. The e-mail notice that your bill is ready and available for viewing at the Account will remind you that Account registration is required.
  • Hardware and Software Requirements. In order to receive the Documents electronically, you will need (1) a working connection to the Internet, (2) to be registered at the Site and (3) either a printer to print the Documents or sufficient hard drive space available to save the Documents (e.g., 1 megabyte or more).
  • Updating your Records. It is your ongoing responsibility to provide us with an accurate, current, and complete e-mail address by contacting us in the manner described above. If any electronic Document is not available to you at your Account, we may attempt to contact you by telephone or otherwise.
  • AT&T's Option to Send Paper. Your consent does not mean that AT&T must provide all Documents electronically. AT&T may, at its option, deliver Documents to you in paper form. AT&T may also require that certain communications from you be delivered to AT&T on paper at a specified address.
  • Termination/Changes. We reserve the right, at our discretion, to discontinue the provision of electronic Documents. We will provide you with notice of any such termination or change as required by law.
  • Note. The official notice to you of the availability of the Documents will be delivered via email as set forth in "Method of Providing Electronic Documents" above. The official version of the Documents is available to you at the Account. Certain functionality available to you through direct access to the Account is also available to you if you have downloaded the AT&T myWireless Mobile application to your wireless device.

*This is the generic version of disclosures available to you when you register for paperless billing from AT&T. The actual disclosures available to you during the registration process govern if there is any conflict.