AT&T U-verse TV Terms of Service


Effective November 7, 2023


The following Terms of Service, including any schedules hereto and any terms incorporated herein by reference (“this Agreement”) is between you, the customer, and one of the following AT&T companies, depending upon your service address: Southwestern Bell Telephone Company; Pacific Bell Telephone Company; Illinois Bell Telephone Company, LLC; Indiana Bell Telephone Company, Incorporated; Michigan Bell Telephone Company; Nevada Bell Telephone Company; The Ohio Bell Telephone Company; Wisconsin Bell, Inc.; or BellSouth Telecommunications, LLC (each individually and collectively referred to as “AT&T”). Thjs Agreement constitute a legal document that details your rights and obligations as a purchaser of AT&T U-verse TV service (the “Service”).


You must accept this Agreement as a condition of receiving the Service. For purposes of this Agreement, “you” and “your” refer to the person purchasing the Service. “We,” “our,” “us,” refer to AT&T.

AT&T will comply with all applicable federal, state and local laws, to the extent that such laws apply to AT&T and its obligations under this Agreement. If there is any conflict between this Agreement and such applicable law, such applicable law controls. These conflicts could include, but are not limited to, fees and charges for service, billing and payments, notices, and your rights and remedies.

Legal Authority. You must be an adult over the applicable age of majority (e.g., eighteen (18) years of age in most U.S. states and territories; nineteen (19) in Alabama and Nebraska; and twenty-one (21) in Mississippi and Puerto Rico – an “Adult”) to purchase the Service as an individual or to accept this Agreement as an authorized representative for the person or entity who purchases the Service. By accepting this Agreement, you confirm you are an Adult. If you are an entity, by accepting this Agreement, you confirm (through your duly authorized representative) that you are a corporation, partnership, or other legal entity duly formed (and incorporated if applicable) in good standing where required to do business with all legal authority and power to accept this Agreement; and you are also confirming that this Agreement constitutes a valid and binding obligation of yours. All use of the Service, whether or not authorized by you, shall be deemed for your use. You are responsible for ensuring that all use of the Service complies with this Agreement.

By enrolling in, activating, using, or paying for the Service, you agree to the terms and conditions in this Agreement, including but not limited to the prices, charges, and terms and conditions provided to you in marketing and informational materials associated with the Service and on the AT&T U-verse website (, all of which are incorporated herein by reference. This Agreement also includes the Acceptance Form for Terms of Service for Purchase and Use of AT&T U-verse TV provided to you when Services are installed. This Agreement will continue to apply to your Services when they are transferred from one location to another. If you do not agree to all of the aforementioned terms and conditions, do not use the Service, and cancel the Service immediately by calling AT&T at 800.288.2020.

Updates. This Agreement may be updated or changed from time to time. You can review the most current version of this Agreement at any time at: If AT&T makes a change to this Agreement and that change has a material impact on the Service, you will be provided notice of that change, and such notice will be provided consistent with Notice provisions of this Agreement. Your continued use of the Service following such notice constitutes your acceptance of those changes.

Special Arrangements. Some customers may receive the Service through a special arrangement with their property owner or manager. If you have such an arrangement, this Agreement shall apply to the Service, except that AT&T may not directly charge you for Service (including Equipment) provided to you as part of the special arrangement, and the Equipment return provisions may not apply to you even though Equipment remains AT&T- owned. You will be responsible for fees and charges associated with additional Service orders. You may have an additional agreement or contract with your property owner or manager that covers any applicable special arrangement. Any such additional agreement or contract is outside this Agreement and AT&T is not responsible for nor bound by the terms of any agreement you may have with your property owner or manager. If the special arrangement with your property owner or manager terminates, you will continue receiving Service under standard billing terms and this Agreement unless you notify AT&T.

Service Description. AT&T U-verse TV includes content available via AT&T U-verse TV, Equipment (see Section 6), Software (see Section 12), accessories, and tools (including a “remote access” tool which allows you to access portions of your AT&T U-verse TV service from a website or other medium).


Use of the Service is subject to the AT&T Acceptable Use Policy (available at, which is incorporated herein by reference. Once you have purchased the Service you will have an account with AT&T (“AT&T Account”). Your AT&T Account will include information applicable to the Service including but not limited to billing information and charges related to the Service (whether recurring or one-time). If you have, or later obtain, a user ID, you are subject to the user ID Terms and Conditions (available at, which are incorporated herein by reference. The DIRECTV Privacy Policy, which is incorporated herein by reference and is available online at, addresses DIRECTV's use of account information and other information specific to your use of AT&T Service.

AT&T U-verse Service is provided for your non-commercial personal use only, and for your enjoyment in a private residential dwelling/office unit. You agree not to reproduce, duplicate, copy, sell, transfer, trade, resell or exploit for any commercial purposes any portion of the Service, use of the Service, or access to the Service. Further, you agree that the AT&T U-verse TV service will not be viewed in areas open to the public or in commercial establishments and that admission be charged for listening to or viewing AT&T U-verse TV service. Your AT&T U-verse TV Service may not be copied, transmitted, reproduced, published, broadcast, rewritten, redistributed, or performed except as permitted by the “fair use” provisions of the U.S. copyright laws.


You will be responsible for payment of service charges for visits by AT&T or its subcontractors to your premises when a service request results from causes not attributable to AT&T or its subcontractors, including, but not limited to, when you are unwilling to complete troubleshooting steps requested by AT&T. You will provide AT&T and its subcontractors with reasonable access to your premises in order to install, maintain, and repair the Service and you authorize any other Adult resident or guest at your residence to grant access to your premises for these purposes. You understand and agree that by authorizing an Adult resident or guest to grant access to your premises you authorize any such Adult to act on your behalf, including accepting this Agreement and any related agreements required in connection with the completion of the installation and/or the activation of the Service and approving any changes to the Service. You further understand and agree that AT&T may drill, cut, and otherwise alter improvements on the premises (including walls, flooring, and/or other surfaces) in order to install, maintain, or repair the Service. If you do not own your premises or your unit is part of a multi-tenant environment (e.g., apartment building, condominium, private subdivision), you warrant that you have obtained permission from any necessary party, including but not limited to the owner, landlord, or building manager, to allow AT&T and its subcontractors reasonable access to install, maintain, and repair the Service and to make any alterations AT&T deems appropriate for the work to be performed.

You acknowledge that AT&T may use existing wiring, including altering the wiring and removing accessories, located within your unit (“Inside Wiring”). You warrant that you own or control the Inside Wiring, and give AT&T permission to use, alter, and remove equipment from, such wiring. Without limiting any other provisions of this Agreement, you agree to indemnify AT&T from and against all claims by an owner, landlord, building manager, or other party in connection with installation, maintenance, repair, or provision of the Service.


Agreement to Pay. You agree to pay all fees and charges for the Service associated with your AT&T Account, including recurring and nonrecurring charges, taxes, fees, surcharges, and assessments applicable to the Service, associated equipment, installation and maintenance, and including all usage and other charges associated with your account. Service monthly fees include but are not limited to the Broadcast TV Fee. For a list of additional charges and fees that could apply to the Service, please see (“Fee Schedule”). The Fee Schedule is incorporated into this Agreement by this reference. AT&T reserves the right to change fees and charges, increase or decrease fees and charges, or impose additional fees or charges without notice. In order to provide you with the Service, AT&T may pay taxes, fees, and surcharges to municipalities and other governmental entities, which AT&T may pass on to you.

Late Payment Charge and Dishonored Check or Other Instrument Fee. You agree that for each bill not paid in full by the payment due date, a Late Payment Charge of no more than $10 per bill will be assessed (subject to applicable law and except as may otherwise have been expressly agreed in writing). For any check or other instrument (including credit card charge backs) returned unpaid for any reason, you will be charged a NSF/Returned Check Fee of no more than $30 (subject to applicable law and except as may otherwise have been expressly agreed in writing).

Unpaid Past Due Charges and Consent to Contact. In the event you fail to pay AT&T or AT&T is unable to bill charges to your credit card, AT&T may assign unpaid late balances to a collections agency. You expressly authorize, and specifically consent to allowing, AT&T and/or its outside collection agencies, outside counsel, or any other agents acting by or on behalf of AT&T to contact you with informational messages regarding your account, including but not limited to contact in connection with any and all matters relating to unpaid past due charges billed by AT&T to you. You agree that such contact may be made to any mailing address, telephone number, cellular phone number, e-mail address, or any other electronic address that you have provided, or may in the future provide, to AT&T and to any and all telephone numbers billed on your account. You expressly consent and agree that such contact may be made using, among other methods, pre-recorded or artificial voice messages delivered by an automatic telephone dialing system, text messages delivered by an automated system, pre-set e-mail messages delivered by an automatic e-mailing system, or any other pre-set electronic messages delivered by any other automatic electronic messaging system. You agree to provide true, accurate, current and complete contact information to AT&T and its authorized agents and to promptly update your contact information to keep it true, accurate and complete.

Changes to Fees & Charges. If you signed up for Service for a specified term, you agree that if you cancel your plan before the end of the term, you will pay any applicable Early Termination Fee. At the conclusion of your term, AT&T will automatically begin charging the applicable month-to-month fee. If you purchased the Service as part of a bundled offering with one or more other products and are receiving a discount based upon that bundled offering, your discount may cease and you may be billed the standard monthly rate for the Service if you change or disconnect one or more of the Service in the applicable bundle. AT&T may, upon notice required by applicable laws, at any time change the amount of or basis for determining any fee or charge or institute new fees or charges.

Data Usage. Use of certain services, including but not limited to AT&T U-verse TV features and apps, will count towards your internet usage allotment. For more information about the use of your residential Internet Service and the data plans that may apply to your service, how much data you use, and management of your data usage, please refer to


Credit Card Authorization. You may be asked to provide us with a valid email address and a credit card number from a card issuer that we accept in order to activate your Service. You hereby authorize AT&T to charge and/ or place a hold on your credit card with respect to any unpaid charges related to the Service. You authorize the issuer of the credit card to pay any amounts described herein without requiring a signed receipt, and you agree that this Agreement are to be accepted as authorization to the issuer of the credit card to pay all such amounts. You authorize AT&T and/or any other company who bills products or Service, or acts as billing agent for AT&T to continue to attempt to charge and/or place holds with respect to all sums described herein, or any portion thereof, to your credit card until such amounts are paid in full.

You agree to provide AT&T with updated credit card information upon AT&T’s request and any time the information you previously provided is no longer valid. You are solely responsible for maintaining and updating the credit card information. Without limiting the applicability of any other provisions of this Agreement, you acknowledge and agree that neither AT&T nor any AT&T affiliated company will have any liability whatsoever for any non-sufficient funds or other charges incurred by you as a result of such attempts to charge, and/or place holds on, your credit card. If you mistakenly provide a debit card number, instead of a credit card number, you authorize all charges described herein to be applied to such debit card unless and until you provide a credit card number. In the event you are enrolled, or later enroll, in an automatic payment or electronic funds transfer plan, you authorize AT&T to charge the account number provided for such automatic payment or electronic funds transfer plan. To cancel your authorization for automatic payment or electronic funds transfer, you must call 800.288.2020. You should also contact your card issuer or financial institution to advise that you have cancelled your enrollment. Also, if you opt out of automatic payment or electronic funds transfer, you may lose the benefits of any promotion(s) that requires such payments or transfers pursuant to the terms of the applicable promotion(s) and subject to applicable law.

Deposits, Fees and Limits. We may require you to make deposits for Service, which we may use to satisfy your initial bill for Service, to offset against any unpaid balance on your account, or as otherwise set forth in this Agreement or permitted by law. Interest will not be paid on deposits unless required by law. We may require additional deposits if we determine that the initial payment was inadequate. Upon determination solely by AT&T of satisfactory payment history or as required by law, AT&T may begin refunding of the deposit through bill credits, cash payments, or as otherwise determined solely by AT&T.

Based on your creditworthiness, a non-refundable fee may be required to establish service and we may require you to enroll, and remain enrolled, in an automatic payment or electronic funds transfer plan. We may establish additional limits and restrict service or features as we deem appropriate. If your account balance goes beyond the limit we set for you, we may immediately interrupt or suspend service until your balance is brought below the limit. Any charges you incur in excess of your limit become immediately due.

Payment Cycle and Cancellation. Billing for the Service commences when AT&T has provisioned the Service. Recurring charges for each month's Service will be billed one month in advance. Billing is based on a 30-day cycle. Non-recurring and usage-based charges for the Service generally will be billed in the billing cycle following the transaction, including (but not limited to) charges for Video on Demand and Pay Per View. Your first bill for Service may include pro-rated charges for a partial monthly period prior to the beginning of your first monthly billing cycle. Upon termination, subject to applicable law, your effective date of cancellation will be the last day of your current billing cycle and you will receive Service until the end of your billing cycle (exceptions may apply to certain promotional periods and must be in writing). You will not receive a prorated credit or refund for any remaining days of Service in your billing cycle after termination. Your Service will continue until the end of the bill cycle. A downgrade fee may apply if you make changes to your Service within thirty (30) days of Service provisioning or later programming orders.

Limits on One-Time Orders. As long as payments are current, you will have a limit (up to a maximum of $150) per bill cycle on one-time orders, such as Video on Demand and Pay Per View transactions, billed to your account. This limit will vary based on creditworthiness or for other reasons.

Method of Billing/Payment. Fees and charges for the Service will be billed to your AT&T Account. You will receive an online bill for the Service, unless you specifically notify us that you want to receive a paper bill for the Service (at 800.288.2020). You must register online to establish a personal AT&T My Account and provide a billing email address. You will then be able to view and pay your bill online by logging on to your personal AT&T My Account (username and password required). You understand that you have sole responsibility for the security of your password and you are solely responsible for notifying AT&T if your password is lost or stolen. AT&T is not liable for any claims, costs, damages, or expenses arising from a lost, misplaced, or stolen password. If you forgot your password or want to change your password for any reason, you may request to reset your password online. It is your responsibility to notify AT&T immediately if your contact information changes.

Bill Inquiries and Refunds. If you believe you have been billed in error for the Service, please notify us within 60 days of the billing date by contacting Customer Service (800.288.2020). AT&T will not issue refunds or credits after the expiration of this 60-day period, except where required by law or regulation. Any amounts refunded in the form of bill credits, cash payments or any other form shall be inclusive of all applicable taxes, fees and surcharges that were originally paid on such amounts. Credit amounts, such as customer loyalty rewards, that do not represent a refund of, or a discount to, the price paid for any good or service will not result in the refund of any tax, fee, or surcharge previously paid by the customer.

Refunds. You authorize AT&T to use outside payment processing agencies or other companies for purposes of paying any refund owed to you, and you further authorize AT&T to sell, assign or otherwise transfer its refund rights and obligations under this Agreement to outside payment processing agencies or other companies. You agree that we or the outside payment processing agency or other company that is responsible for your refund may determine in our or, if applicable, their sole and absolute discretion the form of any refund that we issue to you under this Agreement, and such form may include a credit on your next statement, a check, or a prepaid debit card that may be subject to monthly service fees not to exceed $2.95 per month and that are deducted from the amount of the refund.

Promotions and Contingent Benefits. You may receive or be eligible for certain discounts, features, promotions, and other benefits associated with your purchase of the Service as offered to you in marketing and informational materials, on the AT&T U-verse website, or in other materials (“Benefits”). Any and all such Benefits are provided to you so long as you continue to meet qualification requirements; provided, however, such Benefits may be modified or terminated at any time as set forth in this Agreement or if you change your Service after installation. Unless otherwise set forth in Benefits materials, standard monthly rates will be charged at the conclusion of the Benefits period or when you no longer qualify for the Benefits.


Equipment provided by AT&T may be new or fully inspected and tested. Any equipment or software that was not provided to you by AT&T, including batteries, is not the responsibility of AT&T, and AT&T will not provide support, or be responsible for ongoing maintenance of such equipment. Depending on your service address, your Service will include one of the following Equipment configurations:

  1. A Wi-Fi® Gateway (“WG”) located inside your premises, and an AT&T U-verse TV Receiver (“Receiver”) that is required for the Service to function (the WG and Receiver herein collectively referred to as “Equipment”). If you do not purchase the Equipment from AT&T, you agree to pay a monthly equipment fee for the Equipment as part of your purchase of the Service for the duration of your receipt of the Service. Equipment fees may be included in your monthly charge for the Service or be charged separately (different taxes and surcharges may apply to the equipment fees, Service fees, and/or the equipment fee portion of the Service fees). Equipment fee/purchase options depend on the AT&T U-verse Service you order and installation options you choose. The Equipment requires electrical power from your premises to operate, which you are responsible for providing.
  2. If you have an WG inside your premises, you may also have an Optical Network Terminal (“ONT”), which is a box that may be located inside your premises, on the outside of your premises, in a central location in a multi-tenant building, or in your garage, where AT&T’s fiber network terminates. The ONT also requires electrical power from your home to operate, which you are responsible for providing. AT&T will install your ONT device. The ONT power supply box converts the AC power in your home to the DC power required by the ONT.
  3. If you do not have an WG located inside your premises, your service is provided by an Intelligent Network Interface Device (“iNID”) and a Receiver that is required for the Service to function (the iNID and Receiver collectively referred to as “Equipment”). If you do not purchase the Equipment from AT&T, you agree to pay a monthly equipment fee for the Equipment as part of your purchase of the Service for the duration of your receipt of the Service. Equipment fees may be included in your monthly charge for the Service or be charged separately. Equipment fee/purchase options depend on the AT&T U-verse Service you order and the installation options you choose. The iNID includes three components: (1) a unit typically located on the outside of your premises or in your garage where the AT&T network terminates (the outside unit); (2) a home networking hub, which provides wireless networking capability and is located inside your premises, (the inside unit); and, (3) a power supply unit, typically located in a sheltered area either inside your premises or in an attached structure. You are responsible for providing the electrical power for the iNID.

Your Equipment includes a Receiver, which is valued at $10 per month and included in the service fee on your monthly invoice, and, if applicable, a Wireless Access Point (“WAP”) to provide connection for a wireless Receiver. You may request additional Receivers and limits on the number of available Receivers for a household may apply. Additional equipment fees or other fees may apply to all AT&T U-verse TV equipment, including, but not limited to, the Receiver(s). Receivers are subject to all applicable taxes, fees and surcharges.

AT&T reserves the right to manage the AT&T Equipment during the time you are an AT&T customer and retains exclusive rights to data generated by the Equipment. Neither you nor a third party may change, interfere with, or block access to the Equipment data or settings. AT&T will repair or replace damaged Equipment as AT&T deems necessary. You understand that repair or replacement of the Equipment may delete stored content, reset personal settings, or otherwise alter the Equipment. If the Equipment was damaged due to your intentional acts, negligence, or use inconsistent with this Agreement as determined by AT&T, you will be responsible for the price of repair or replacement. Any tampering with the Equipment, including, for example, opening and attempting to modify the Equipment, or attempting to connect the Equipment to other hardware, will be treated as damage due to your intentional acts or negligence. You agree that you will use the Equipment only for its intended residential use, and not for any other purpose (such as on another AT&T network, or on another provider’s (non-AT&T) network). You agree to use appropriate and reasonable care in using any and all Equipment.

AT&T will not provide support for, or be responsible for, ongoing maintenance or management of, customer-owned equipment, including the battery backup equipment used by AT&T customers. For more information and minimum specifications visit

Return of Equipment. Upon termination of the Service for whatever reason, you must return the Equipment, undamaged, within 21 calendar days to AT&T. If the Equipment is not returned within 21 calendar days, or is returned damaged, you will be charged for the value of the Equipment. We may retain any advance payment or deposit, or portion thereof that previously had not been refunded, if you fail to return the Equipment within this time period. If the Equipment is returned within 90 days of termination, any fees charged for the Equipment will be refunded (other than fees for damages). No refunds will be made for any Equipment returned more than 90 days after termination. In addition to termination of service, these return of equipment provisions apply if your existing equipment is replaced or upgraded for any reason.


You agree to indemnify and hold AT&T and its subsidiaries, affiliates, directors, officers, agents, and employees harmless from any claim, demand, action, citation, or legal proceeding, including, but not limited to, those arising out of or resulting from the death or bodily injury of any person, or the damage, loss, or destruction of any real or tangible personal property, or for reasonable attorneys’ fees (except as provided in paragraph 11(e) below), made by any party against AT&T, its subsidiaries, affiliates, directors, officers, agents, and employees arising out of or related to your use of or inability to use the Service, your connection to the Service, the provisioning or alleged failure to provision the Service, a violation of any provision of this Agreement, or your violation of any rights of another.


Service may be temporarily interrupted or otherwise limited for a variety of reasons; some beyond the control of AT&T. AT&T reserves the right to refuse credit allowances for interruptions of Service. AT&T also reserves the right to modify or discontinue, temporarily or permanently, at any time and from time to time, the Service (or any function or feature of the Service or any part thereof) without liability. You acknowledge that AT&T may establish general practices and limits concerning use of the Service, including the limits set forth in this Agreement.

Some programming may not be available in certain areas due to legal, regulatory, and contractual prohibitions, including restrictions of the Federal Communications Commission and sports blackouts. If you also purchase AT&T Phone service, Caller ID information for AT&T Phone calls can be displayed on your TV screen. In addition, call history information for all missed and answered calls can be displayed on your TV screen and cannot be PIN protected. Call history for dialed calls cannot be displayed on your TV screen.

IP Network Interruptions. You acknowledge and understand that the Service will not function in the event of an IP network interruption.

Account restrictions. As permitted under applicable law, in addition to other rights provided for in this Agreement, in the event a payment is past due, AT&T may restrict your account to prevent access to Video on Demand, Pay Per View, and other usage-based services and content.


Customer Duty. You agree to keep confidential all passwords, user IDs, IP addresses, and other account identifiers and are solely responsible for any liability or damages resulting from your failure to maintain that confidentiality. You are solely and fully responsible and liable for all activities that occur under your AT&T Account, password, user ID, or IP address. You agree to: (a) immediately notify AT&T if you suspect any breach of security such as loss, theft, public use (unrestricted, open, communal or shared use by third parties unrelated and/or not affiliated with the Customer either for profit or not for profit) or unauthorized disclosure or use of your AT&T Account, password, user ID, or any credit or charge card number provided to AT&T by calling 800.288.2020; (b) ensure you exit from your account as applicable at the end of each session; and (c) periodically change your password.

Account Access. You authorize AT&T to provide information about and to make changes to your AT&T Account, including adding new service, upon the direction of any person able to provide information we deem sufficient to identify you.

Assumption of Risk. There is a risk that other users may attempt to access your Service, such as through the Internet or connected networks. You acknowledge this risk as inherent to the shared nature of the Service and you agree to take full responsibility for taking adequate security precautions and safeguarding your data.

Theft of AT&T Equipment or Service. You agree to notify AT&T immediately, in writing or by calling the AT&T customer support line, if the Equipment is stolen or if you become aware at any time that Service are being stolen or fraudulently used. When you call or write, you must provide your AT&T Account number and a detailed description of the circumstances of the Equipment theft, including documentation of theft (e.g., a copy of a police report) or stolen or fraudulent use of the Service. You will be responsible for all charges incurred on your AT&T Account until you report the theft or fraudulent use of the Service. You will be responsible for stolen Equipment, however, AT&T may in its sole discretion waive or reduce charges for stolen Equipment upon submission of documentation of theft or other circumstances. Failure to provide notice to AT&T of theft in a timely manner may result in the termination of your Service and additional charges to you. Unless notified otherwise by AT&T, after you report the theft or fraudulent use of the Service, you will remain responsible for paying your monthly fees for Service not stolen or fraudulently used.


Reduction/Suspension/Termination by AT&T. Your Service may be reduced, suspended or terminated if your payment is past due. AT&T may also reduce, suspend or terminate your Service if it is determined that there is previously unpaid, undisputed and outstanding debt for Service(s). Such reduction, suspension or termination may continue until satisfactory arrangements have been made for the payment of all past unpaid charges. While your Service(s) are suspended you will not receive automatic credit balances (if any are due) and billing will continue for your monthly charges, and any applicable promotional offers may be discontinued and revoked as determined solely by AT&T.

Minimum Service Fee. When your U-verse TV Service is suspended for non-payment, you will be placed in a minimum service package with reduced programming, for a one-time flat fee of $9.99 (“Minimum Service Charge”) subject to applicable law and except as may otherwise have been expressly agreed in writing. If AT&T reduces or suspends your Service for non-payment, you must pay all past due amounts in order to resume your U-verse TV Service at any level above the minimum service package.

Restoral Fee. In addition, to resume your Service at any level above the minimum service package you must also pay an account Restoral Fee of $35 (subject to applicable law and except as may otherwise have been expressly agreed in writing). The Restoral Fee will be assessed on the next monthly bill you receive following the resumption of Service from the minimum service package.

AT&T may immediately terminate all or a portion of your Service or reduce or suspend Service, without notice, for conduct that AT&T believes (a) is illegal, fraudulent, harassing, abusive, or intended to intimidate or threaten; (b) constitutes a violation of any law, regulation, or tariff (including, without applicable policies or guidelines (including the Acceptable Use Policy), and AT&T may refer such use to law enforcement authorities without notice to you. Termination of suspension or reduction by AT&T of the Service also constitutes termination or suspension (as applicable) of your license to use any Software, if applicable.

Contacts to Terminate Service. You may terminate the Service at any time by calling 800.288.2020. You must pay service fees and other charges incurred through the termination date, including any Early Termination Fees that apply. If you lease your Equipment, you may also be charged the value of any Equipment that is not returned in accordance with Section 6.



11.1 Summary

This part of the Agreement outlines how disputes between you and AT&T will be resolved through our informal dispute resolution process, individual arbitration, or small claims court. The informal dispute resolution process gives you the opportunity to explain what happened to someone in, or working with, our legal department. Under the terms of this Agreement, AT&T is encouraged to resolve issues early, without going any further.

An “arbitration” is a less formal alternative to a lawsuit or jury trial in court. A neutral third party, called an arbitrator, decides the dispute. The arbitrator applies the same law and can award the same individualized remedies that a court could award, but uses streamlined procedures and limits discovery to simplify the process and reduce costs. The arbitrator’s decision is legally binding, and it is subject to very limited review by courts. You and AT&T agree that arbitration will take place on an individual basis. Class arbitrations, class actions, and representative actions are not permitted. This means that you and AT&T will neither file a lawsuit (in any court other than a small claims court), nor pursue or participate in an action seeking relief on behalf of others.

While subsection 11.2 lays out the specifics, here are the steps you would take to resolve a dispute:

  • Contact customer service. We encourage you to give customer service a call first. A phone call, chat session, or email with us is usually the quickest way to resolve an issue. Check out to find the right service or product team for your issue.
  • You choose. If you aren’t satisfied after talking to customer service, you can choose to file your individual claim in small claims court or send us a Notice of Dispute, which is required before starting arbitration.
  • Let’s work it out. If you decide not to go to small claims court, start the informal dispute resolution process by sending a Notice of Dispute to our legal department, which you can complete and send online. You and AT&T agree to give each other at least 60 days to share information and try to reach an agreement. (We’ll use the same process if we have a dispute with you.) At your or our request, we’ll schedule an Informal Settlement Conference to try to reach an agreement by phone or videoconference.
  • Pursue an arbitration. If the dispute still isn’t resolved, you can pursue an individual arbitration. The nation’s largest non-profit arbitration provider, the American Arbitration Association (AAA), will administer the arbitration and select the neutral arbitrator, with input from both you and AT&T. Some things to keep in mind:
    • AT&T will usually pay all of the arbitration fees (with some exceptions).
    • Any hearings will be in the same county as your billing address, or they might be held by phone or videoconference.
    • In some cases, if you win, we will pay double attorney’s fees (if any) and a minimum of $10,000.

There are special rules for coordinated (or mass) arbitrations, where the same lawyers or a group of coordinated lawyers seek to file 25 or more similar arbitrations. If you choose to be part of those proceedings, the cases will proceed in stages, so it might take longer to arbitrate your dispute than it would otherwise.

11.2 Arbitration Agreement

11.2.1 Claims Subject to Arbitration:

To the greatest extent permitted by law, AT&T and you agree to arbitrate all disputes and claims between you and AT&T, except for claims arising from bodily injury or death. This arbitration provision is intended to be broadly interpreted. It includes, but is not limited to:

  • claims arising out of or relating to any aspect of the relationship between us, whether based in contract, tort, fraud, misrepresentation, or any other statutory or common-law legal theory;
  • claims that arose before the existence of this or any prior Agreement (including, but not limited to, claims relating to advertising);
  • claims for mental or emotional distress or injury not arising out of bodily injury;
  • claims that are currently the subject of purported class action litigation in which you are not a member of a certified class; and
  • claims that may arise after the termination of this Agreement.

References in Section 11 to “AT&T” or “we” include our past, present, and future parents, subsidiaries, affiliates, and related entities, as well as AT&T’s and all of those entities’ officers, agents, employees, licensors, predecessors in interest, successors, and assigns. References in Section 11 to “you” include your past, present, and future parents, subsidiaries, affiliates, related entities, agents, employees, predecessors in interest, successors, and assigns; and all authorized or unauthorized users or beneficiaries of AT&T Services or products under past, present, or future Agreements between you and AT&T.

Small Claims Option. Despite this arbitration provision, either you or AT&T may bring an action seeking only individualized relief in the small claims court for the county (or parish) of your billing address, so long as the action is not removed or appealed to a court of general jurisdiction.

This arbitration provision does not preclude you from bringing issues to the attention of federal, state, or local agencies, including, for example, the Federal Communications Commission. Those agencies can, if the law allows, seek relief against us on your behalf. By entering into this Agreement, you and AT&T are each waiving the right to a trial by jury or to participate in a class action. This Agreement evidences a transaction in interstate commerce, and thus the Federal Arbitration Act governs the interpretation and enforcement of this arbitration provision. This arbitration provision will survive termination of this Agreement.

11.2.2 Pre-Arbitration Informal Dispute Resolution Process:

Customer service is available to help and usually can resolve any concerns you may have. If that does not work, the first step in the dispute resolution process is to send a written Notice of Dispute (“Notice”). (We’ll also send you a Notice to your billing address if we have a dispute with you.) You may download the Notice form at The Notice to AT&T may be sent by U.S. mail or professional courier service to Legal Department - Notice of Dispute, AT&T, 208 S. Akard, Office #2900.13, Dallas, Texas 75202 (the "Notice Address"), or, alternatively, submitted electronically by following the instructions at The Notice must include all of the information requested on the Notice form, including: (a) the claimant’s name, address, and phone number; (b) the Account number at issue; (c) the services (if any) to which the claim pertains; (d) a description of the nature and basis of the claim or dispute; and (e) an explanation of the specific relief sought and the basis for the calculations. The Notice must be personally signed by you (if you are the claimant) or by an AT&T representative (if we are the claimant). To safeguard your Account, you might be required to provide both your authentication and consent for us to discuss your Account or share your Account information with anyone but you, including an attorney (“Authentication and Consent”).

Whoever sends the Notice must give the other party 60 days after receipt of a complete Notice (including your Authentication and Consent, if required) to investigate the claim. During that period, either you or AT&T may request an individualized discussion (by phone call or videoconference) regarding settlement (“Informal Settlement Conference”). You and AT&T must work together in good faith to select a mutually agreeable time for the Informal Settlement Conference (which can be after the 60-day period). You and an AT&T representative must personally participate, unless otherwise agreed in writing. Your and AT&T’s lawyers (if any) also can participate.

Any applicable statute of limitations or contractual limitations period will be tolled for the claims and requested relief in the Notice during the “Informal Resolution Period.” The Informal Resolution Period is the number of days between the date that the complete Notice (and Authentication and Consent, if required) is received by the other party, and the later of (1) 60 days later or (2) the date the Informal Settlement Conference is completed, if timely requested.

Any arbitration proceeding cannot be commenced until after the Informal Resolution Period has ended. (Subsection 11.2.7 contains additional requirements for commencing certain coordinated arbitrations.) All of the pre-arbitration dispute resolution requirements are essential so that you and AT&T have a meaningful chance to resolve disputes informally. If any aspect of these requirements has not been met, a court can enjoin the filing or prosecution of an arbitration. In addition, unless prohibited by law, the AAA may not accept, administer, assess, or demand fees in connection with such an arbitration. If the arbitration already is pending, it must be dismissed.

11.2.3 Arbitration Procedure:

You may download a form to initiate arbitration at In addition, information on how to commence an arbitration proceeding, including how to file a consumer arbitration online, is at A copy of the arbitration demand must be sent to AAA and the Notice Address, and a copy of the Notice must be attached to your arbitration demand.

The arbitration will be governed by the then-current Consumer Arbitration Rules (“AAA Rules”) of the AAA, as modified by this arbitration provision, and will be administered by AAA. (If AAA refuses to enforce any part of this arbitration provision, you and AT&T will select another arbitration provider. If there is no agreement, the court will do so.) The AAA Rules are available online at or may be requested by writing to the Notice Address. (You may obtain information that is designed for non-lawyers about the arbitration process at

As in court, you and AT&T agree that any counsel representing someone in arbitration certifies that they’re complying with the requirements of Federal Rule of Civil Procedure 11(b), including a certification that the claim or the relief sought is neither frivolous nor brought for an improper purpose. The arbitrator is authorized to impose any sanctions available under AAA Rules, Federal Rule of Civil Procedure 11, or applicable federal or state law against all appropriate represented parties and counsel.

All issues are for the arbitrator to decide, except only a court can decide the following:

  • issues relating to the scope and enforceability of the arbitration provision,
  • whether a dispute can or must be brought in arbitration,
  • whether the AAA cannot or will not administer the arbitration in accordance with this arbitration provision,
  • whether subsection 11.2.2 has been complied with or violated for purposes of awarding relief under that subsection that a court can award, and
  • whether subsections 11.2.6, 11.2.7, or 11.2.8 have been complied with or violated.

The arbitrator may consider rulings in other arbitrations involving different customers, but an arbitrator’s ruling will not be binding in proceedings involving different customers.

Unless you and AT&T agree otherwise, any arbitration hearings will take place in the county (or parish) of your billing address. If your claim is valued at $10,000 or less, you may choose whether the arbitration will be conducted solely based on documents submitted to the arbitrator or through a telephonic, videoconference, or in-person hearing under AAA Rules. If your claim exceeds $10,000, the right to a hearing will be determined by AAA Rules. During the arbitration, the amount of any settlement offers must not be disclosed to the arbitrator until after the arbitrator determines the relief, if any, to which you or AT&T is entitled. Regardless of how the arbitration is conducted, the arbitrator must issue a reasoned written decision sufficient to explain the essential findings and conclusions on which his or her decision is based. Except as provided in subsection 11.2.6 below, the arbitrator can award the same damages and relief that a court can award under applicable law.

11.2.4 Arbitration Fees:

We will pay all AAA filing, administration, case-management, hearing, and arbitrator fees if we initiate an arbitration. If you initiate arbitration of claims valued at $75,000 or less, we will pay those fees, so long as you have fully complied with the requirements in subsection 11.2.2. In such cases, we will pay the filing fee directly to AAA upon receiving a written request from you at the Notice Address or, if AAA requires you to pay the filing fee to commence arbitration, we will send that amount to AAA and request that AAA reimburse you. If, however, the arbitrator finds that either the substance of your claim or the relief sought is frivolous or brought for an improper purpose (as measured by the standards set forth in Federal Rule of Civil Procedure 11(b)), then the allocation and payment of all such fees will be governed by AAA Rules.

11.2.5 Alternative Payment and Attorney Premium:

If you fully complied with the requirements above in subsection 11.2.2 and the arbitrator issues an award in your favor that is greater than the value of our last written settlement offer made before the arbitrator was selected, then we will:

  • pay you the amount of the award or $10,000 (the "Alternative Payment”), whichever is greater; and
  • pay the attorney you retained, if any, twice the amount of attorneys’ fees and reimburse any expenses (including expert witness fees and costs) that your attorney reasonably incurs for investigating, preparing, and pursuing your claim in arbitration (the “Attorney Premium”).

If we did not make a written offer to settle the dispute before the arbitrator was selected, and the arbitrator awards you any relief on the merits, you and your attorney will be entitled to receive the Alternative Payment and the Attorney Premium, respectively.

Disputes regarding the payment and reimbursement of attorneys’ fees, expenses, the Alternative Payment, and the Attorney Premium may be resolved by the arbitrator upon request from either party made within 14 days of the arbitrator’s ruling on the merits. In assessing whether an award that includes attorneys’ fees and expenses is greater than the value of our last written settlement offer, the calculation will include only the reasonable attorneys’ fees and expenses you incurred pursuing this arbitration through the date of our settlement offer.

The right to the Attorney Premium supplements any right to attorneys’ fees and expenses you may have under applicable law. Thus, if you would be entitled to a larger amount under the applicable law, this arbitration provision does not preclude the arbitrator from awarding you that amount. However, you may not recover both the Attorney Premium and a duplicative award of attorneys’ fees or expenses.

11.2.6 Requirement of Individual Arbitration:

The arbitrator may award relief (including, but not limited to, damages, restitution, declaratory relief, and injunctive relief) only in favor of the individual party seeking relief and only to the extent necessary to provide relief warranted by that party’s individual claim. YOU AND AT&T AGREE THAT EACH MAY BRING CLAIMS AGAINST THE OTHER ONLY IN YOUR OR ITS INDIVIDUAL CAPACITY, AND NOT AS A PLAINTIFF OR CLASS MEMBER IN ANY PURPORTED CLASS, REPRESENTATIVE, OR PRIVATE ATTORNEY GENERAL PROCEEDING. Further, unless both you and AT&T agree otherwise, the arbitrator may not consolidate more than one person’s or entity’s claims and may not otherwise preside over any form of a representative, class, private attorney general, or public injunction proceeding.

If a court (after exhaustion of all appeals) declares unenforceable any of these prohibitions on consolidation or non-individualized relief (such as class, representative, private attorney general, or public injunctive relief), then all other aspects of the case must be arbitrated first. After completing arbitration, the remaining (non-arbitrable) aspects of the case will then be decided by a court.

11.2.7 Administration of Coordinated Arbitrations:

If 25 or more claimants submit Notices or seek to file arbitrations raising similar claims and are represented by the same or coordinated counsel (whether such cases are pursued simultaneously or not), all the cases must be resolved in staged proceedings. You agree to this process even though it may delay the arbitration of your claim. In the first stage, claimants’ counsel and AT&T will each select 25 cases (50 cases total) to be filed in arbitration and resolved individually by different arbitrators. If feasible, the arbitrators will be from the respective claimants’ home states. If there are fewer than 50 cases, all will be filed in arbitration. In the meantime, no other cases may be filed or proceed in arbitration, and the AAA must not assess or demand payment of fees for the remaining cases or administer or accept them.

The arbitrators are encouraged to resolve the cases within 120 days of appointment or as swiftly as possible thereafter, consistent with fairness to the parties. After the first stage is completed, the parties must engage in a single mediation of all remaining cases, and AT&T will pay the mediation fee. If the parties cannot agree how to resolve the remaining cases after mediation, they will repeat the process of selecting and filing 50 cases to be resolved individually by different arbitrators, followed by mediation.

If any claims remain after the second stage, the process will be repeated until all claims are resolved, with four differences. First, a total of 100 cases may be filed in the third and later stages. Second, the cases will be randomly selected. Third, arbitrators who decided cases in the first two stages may be appointed in later stages if different arbitrators are not available. Fourth, mediation is optional at the election of counsel for the claimants.

Between stages, counsel will meet and confer regarding ways to improve the efficiency of the staged proceedings, including whether to increase the number of cases filed in each stage. Either party may also negotiate with AAA regarding the amount or timing of AAA fees.

If this subsection applies to a Notice, the Informal Resolution Period for the claims and relief set forth in that Notice will be extended (including the tolling of any applicable statute of limitations or contractual limitations period for the claims and requested relief) until that Notice is selected for a staged proceeding, withdrawn, or otherwise resolved. A court will have the authority to enforce this subsection, including by enjoining the mass filing, the prosecution or administration of arbitrations, or the assessment or collection of AAA fees.

This subsection and each of its requirements are intended to be severable from the rest of this arbitration provision. If, after exhaustion of all appeals, a court decides that the staging process in this subsection is not enforceable, then the cases may be filed in arbitration and the payment of AAA filing, administration, case-management, hearing, and arbitrator fees will be assessed as the arbitrations advance and arbitrators are appointed rather than when the arbitrations are initiated.

11.2.8 Future Changes to Arbitration Provision:

Notwithstanding any provision in this Agreement to the contrary, if AT&T makes any future change to this arbitration provision (other than a change to the Notice Address), you may reject any such change by sending us written notice via U.S. Mail within 30 days of the first notice of the change to Legal Department – Revised Arbitration Opt-Out, AT&T, 208 S. Akard, Office #2900.13, Dallas, Texas 75202. Include your name, address, phone number, account number, and a statement personally signed by you that you wish to reject the change to the arbitration provision. By rejecting any future change, you are agreeing that you will arbitrate any dispute between you and AT&T in accordance with the language of this version of the arbitration provision.

11.2.9 Puerto Rico Customers:

For Puerto Rico customers, all references to "small claims court" in this arbitration provision should be understood to mean the Puerto Rico Telecommunications Regulatory Board.

11.3 Forum Selection:

Unless you and AT&T agree otherwise, to the greatest extent permitted by law, the state and federal courts in Dallas, Texas will have exclusive jurisdiction over any disputes (except for disputes brought in small claims court) that are not subject to arbitration or over any action involving the applicability or enforceability of the arbitration provision or any of its parts. You and AT&T consent to the jurisdiction of those courts and waive any objections as to personal jurisdiction or as to the laying of venue in such courts due to inconvenient forum or any other basis or any right to seek to transfer or change venue of any such action to another court.


The Service use and include certain software and/or firmware (the “Software”). Some Software resides on the Equipment.

End User License Agreement. If you downloaded or installed Software, your use of that Software is subject to the End User License Agreement that accompanied that Software. With regard to any Software (including Software upgrades, changes, or supplements) which is not accompanied by an End User License Agreement, AT&T, or its applicable third party licensors, grants you a limited, personal, nontransferable, and nonexclusive right and license to use the object code of its Software on the Equipment; provided that you do not (and do not allow any third party to) copy, modify, create a derivative work of, reverse engineer, reverse assemble, or otherwise attempt to discover any source code or structure, sequence and organization of, sell, assign, sublicense, distribute, rent, lease, grant a security interest in, or otherwise transfer any right in the Software. You acknowledge that this license is not a sale of intellectual property and that AT&T or its third-party licensors, providers, or suppliers continue to own all right, title, and interest to the Software and related documentation. The Software is protected by the copyright laws of the United States and international copyright treaties.

Export Limits. You shall comply with all export laws and restrictions and regulations of the Department of Commerce, the United States Department of Treasury Office of Foreign Assets Control (“OFAC”), or other United States or foreign agency or authority, and shall not export, or allow the export or re-export of the Software in violation of any such restrictions, laws or regulations. By downloading or using the Software, you agree to the foregoing and represent and warrant that you are not located in, under the control of, or a national or resident of any restricted country or on any such list.

Restricted Rights. The Software is provided with RESTRICTED RIGHTS. Use, duplication, or disclosure by the Government is subject to restrictions as set forth in subparagraphs (a) through (d) of the Commercial Computer Restricted Rights clause at 48 CFR 52.227-19 when applicable, or in subparagraph (c)(1)(ii) of The Rights in Technical Data and Computer Software clause of DFARS 252.227-7013 and in similar clauses in the NASA FAR Supplement.

Non-AT&T Software, Services or Applications. Your use of the Service may also include access to and use of software, services and/or applications which interact with the Service and which are provided by non-AT&T third parties, and, when applicable, those third-parties terms and conditions apply to your access to and use of such non-AT&T software, services and/or applications. AT&T is not liable to you for any loss or injury arising out of or caused, in whole or in part, by your use of any such software, services, and/or applications accessed through, or in conjunction with, the Service.

NOTICE ABOUT AUTOMATIC SOFTWARE UPGRADES. AT&T, or its applicable third-party licensors may provide Software upgrades, updates, or supplements (such as, but not limited to, adding or removing features or updating security components). You understand and agree that AT&T, or the applicable third-party licensor, have the unrestricted right, but not the obligation, to upgrade, update, or supplement the Software on the Equipment at any time. Although unlikely, Software upgrades, updates, or supplements could reset your Equipment and erase saved preferences and stored content.





You agree that:

  • AT&T is not an insurer of AT&T Services, nor can it insure the accuracy of your information or the privacy or security of your AT&T Accounts;
  • AT&T has no control over the acts and conduct of third parties;
  • AT&T is not responsible for losses incurred as a result of your or a third-party’s use of your AT&T wireless number or other AT&T Service as a source of authentication or verification in connection with any social media, email, financial, cryptocurrency or other account;

To the greatest extent permitted by law, AT&T is not liable for any reason to you, or any user or beneficiary of AT&T Services, for any indirect, incidental, special, consequential, treble, punitive, or exemplary damages, including but not limited to damages for personal injury; property damage; or loss of revenue, profits, business, goodwill, use, data, or other tangible or intangible losses (even if we’ve been told of the possibility of those damages) resulting from, for example:

  • use of AT&T Services (which includes equipment, software, and inside or outside wiring);
  • the performance or nonperformance of AT&T Services;
  • the actions or inaction of AT&T or its agents with respect to the provision or delivery of any AT&T Services or that relate to your AT&T Account or our relationship with you;
  • any action of a third-party, such as unauthorized access to your AT&T Accounts or AT&T Services (including the use of your AT&T Accounts or AT&T Services to access a third-party account); or
  • any alleged actions or representations, statements, promises, or agreements by AT&T that are not expressly set forth in this Agreement regarding the use, performance, suitability, safety, reliability, security, or any other aspect or attribute of AT&T Services;

To the greatest extent permitted by law, AT&T is not liable to you for any damages of any kind resulting in any way from:

  • the installation, maintenance, removal, or technical support of AT&T Services, even if the damage results from the ordinary negligence of our installer or other representative;
  • any unauthorized access to your AT&T Accounts or AT&T Services (including the use of your AT&T Accounts or AT&T Services to access a third-party account), even if the unauthorized access was the result of ordinary negligence by an AT&T employee, representative, agent, or any person or entity purporting to act on AT&T’s behalf;
  • any inability to reach 911 or other emergency services, any alleged interference with alarm or medical monitoring signals, or any failure of alarm or medical monitoring signals to reach their intended monitoring stations;
  • the use, inability to use, or the lack of interoperability between AT&T Services and any third-party hardware, software, or service, even if charges for the third-party hardware, software, or service appear on your AT&T bill;
  • the loss of your information, such as missed or deleted voicemails, text messages, emails, pictures, or files; or
  • any interruption, error, limitation, delay in any AT&T Service, or any other problem caused, in whole or in part, by you or something outside of our control, including, but not limited to, environmental conditions, emergency conditions, power or network outages, transmission errors, equipment damage or repairs, limits in system capacity, unavailability of radio frequency channels, governmental actions, labor disputes, riots, terrorism, or the acts of third parties.

To the greatest extent permitted by law, our total liability to you (under any legal theory) is a credit or refund that must not exceed the total amount of charges you paid us for the applicable AT&T Service during the shorter of (i) the preceding 24-month period or (ii) the period in which you experienced the issue giving rise to your claims. If you are disputing a charge on your bill, Section 5 requires you either to notify customer service within 60 days of the bill date.

To the greatest extent permitted by law, you must commence any legal action, whether by filing a lawsuit in small claims court or by filing a demand for arbitration, within two years of the date of the event or facts giving rise to the dispute or you waive the right to pursue that claim (this contractual limitations period is tolled by the submission of a valid Notice of Dispute under subsection 11.2 of this Agreement).

Each of the limitations of liability in this Agreement will apply to claims you bring against third parties to the extent that we would be required to indemnify that third-party If applicable law prohibits a limitation in this Agreement, all other limitations will apply to the greatest extent permitted by law. References in Section 14 to “AT&T” and “we” include our past, present, and future parents, subsidiaries, affiliates, and related entities, as well as AT&T’s and all of those entities’ officers, agents, employees, licensors, predecessors in interest, successors, and assigns.




Unless otherwise specified in this Agreement, notices to you may be made via email, regular mail, posting online at, recorded announcement, bill message, bill insert, newspaper ad, postcard, letter, or call to your billed telephone number. In addition, if you purchase AT&T U-verse TV service, AT&T may also provide notices of changes to this Agreement or other matters by displaying notices on AT&T U-verse TV. It is your responsibility to check for such notices.

Unless otherwise specified in this Agreement or required by applicable law, notices by you to AT&T must be given by calling 800.288.2020 and such notices are effective as of the date that our records show we received your call.


All portions of the Service and Equipment and any firmware or software used to provide the Service or provided to you in conjunction with providing the Service, or embedded in the Equipment, and all Service, information, documents, and materials on related website(s) are the property of AT&T or third-party providers and are protected by trademark, copyright, or other intellectual property laws and international treaty provisions. All websites, corporate names, service marks, trademarks, trade names, logos, and domain names (collectively “Marks”) of AT&T or third-party providers are and shall remain the exclusive property of AT&T or third-party providers, and nothing in this Agreement shall grant you the right or license to use such Marks.


As permitted under applicable laws and without limitation to other rights provided in this Agreement or other applicable policies, you authorize AT&T to (a) disclose your account information, including your payment history and confidential information, to credit reporting agencies or private credit reporting associations, and (b) periodically obtain and use your credit report and other credit information from any source in connection with AT&T's offering of the Service and other Service. You understand that if you fail to fulfill the terms of your obligations under this Agreement, AT&T may report your failure to a credit reporting agency.


AT&T may assign this Agreement or parts of this Agreement to any non-affiliated third party without your consent and without notice to you, but you cannot assign the Agreement or any rights or legal claims arising from it without our prior written permission. Upon any assignment of this Agreement by AT&T, all references in this Agreement to "AT&T" "we," "us," or "our" shall refer solely to the assignee of this Agreement and shall no longer refer to AT&T or its affiliates. From the date of an assignment by AT&T, AT&T will no longer be your service provider and the assignee shall be responsible for providing your services. You acknowledge and agree that AT&T will have no liability or obligation to you if this Agreement is assigned by AT&T, and your recourse for any liabilities or obligations shall be solely limited to the assignee of this Agreement.

Except as stated in this Agreement, anyone who uses or benefits from your AT&T Services is not a third-party beneficiary who can enforce this Agreement against you, us, or anyone else.


  1. Except as specified in Section 11, this Agreement do not provide any third party with a remedy, claim, or right of reimbursement.
  2. This Agreement and the materials it incorporates by reference constitute the entire agreement between AT&T and you and supersede any prior agreements between you or AT&T with respect to the subject matter of this Agreement.
  3. This Agreement and the relationship between you and AT&T will be governed by the law of the state of your billing address except to the extent such law is preempted by or inconsistent with applicable federal law. In the event of a dispute between us, the law of the state of your billing address at the time the dispute is commenced, whether in litigation or arbitration, shall govern except to the extent that such law is preempted by or inconsistent with applicable federal law.
  4. The failure of AT&T to exercise or enforce any right or provision of this Agreement will not constitute a waiver of such right or provision.
  5. Except as specified in Section 11, if any provision of this Agreement is found by a court or agency of competent jurisdiction to be unenforceable, the parties nevertheless agree that the remaining provisions of this Agreement shall remain in full force and effect.
  6. The section titles and paragraph headings in this Agreement are for convenience only and have no legal or contractual effect.