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The Essential Phone and AT&T - the nationwide network your premium smartphone deserves!

Bring your Essential Phone, keep your number

Online activation is fast and easy. Just bring your unlocked Essential Phone to the AT&T network. You can buy your Phone from Essential or port your Essential Phone number from another carrier to AT&T.

Get unlimited data

With our unlimited plans, you get unlimited talk, text, and worry-free data with no overage charges. After 22GB of data usage, AT&T may slow speeds. Plus, get roaming in, and unlimited talk & text to Mexico and Canada.
Additional usage, speed, and other restrictions apply. See for plan details.

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Choose a plan that’s right for you, then order your FREE AT&T SIM Card Kit. The kit will be sent to you by mail and arrives ready to use. To activate your Essential Phone, just insert the SIM card and you're ready to go!

AT&T has the best network according to America's biggest test.

Based on GWS OneScore Sept. 2019. Excludes crowd source studies.