S Pen

Use Airview, Air command, write memos on the screen, and more.

  1. Your S Pen is located in the upper right corner of your device. 
    device 5054/9006220_01.jpg
  2. Pull the S Pen out.
    device 5054/9006220_02.jpg
  3. Air Command should automatically open on your screen.
    device 5054/9006220_03.jpg
  4. To handwrite a memo, tap Action memo.
    device 5054/9006220_04.jpg
  5. Write your memo and tap SAVE to save your memo.
    device 5054/9006220_05.jpg
  6. To capture images, from the Air command screen, tap Screen write
    device 5054/9006220_06.jpg
  7. After the screenshot is captured you can write or draw on it.Tap Save when your done.
    device 5054/9006220_07.jpg
  8. To capture selected portions of your screen, from the Air command screen, tap Smart select.
    device 5054/9006220_08.jpg
  9. Tap and drag the outline across screen to select desired image capture.
    device 5054/9006220_09.jpg
  10. Tap the Window icon to save or cancel your selection.
    device 5054/9006220_10.jpg
  11. Smart select will automatically save into Scrapbook. Here can you view you Smart select images.
    device 5054/9006220_11.jpg
  12. To edit S Pen settings, from the quick navigation bar, tap the Settings icon.
    device 5054/9006220_12.jpg
  13. Swipe to the Control tab and tap S Pen.
    device 5054/9006220_13.jpg
  14. Edit desired settings.
    device 5054/9006220_14.jpg

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