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Meet the new Windows devices.
People powered phones and tablets for a truly integrated experience.

Experience Windows®

Amazing experiences across all of your screens

Your Windows 8 PC, tablet, phone, and Xbox® entertainment system are connected when you sign in with your Microsoft® account. Take a photo on your phone or tablet and see it across your screens. Create and collaborate on Office documents in the cloud when you save them to SkyDrive®. Enjoy Xbox entertainment across all of your screens, or use Xbox Smartglass™ to turn your mobile phone or tablet into a second screen that enhances your favorite TV shows, movies, music, sports, and games.


Get a look at the Windows OS with Live Tiles, Live Apps, People Hub, and more. Windows delivers what you want in real time.

Your Screen. Your way.

Get your latest information at a glance

Live Tiles show you a real-time preview of what's happening with your friends and family, apps, news and social sites. With the People app on Windows Phones and tablets, you can see all your friends and family in one place and keep track of what they're up to with instant updates.

Live Tiles & Live Apps

Get updates on everything you love

Live Apps

Not just apps–Live Apps

Only Windows devices have Live Apps, which let you customize their color, size, and position. Plus, Live Apps automatically display the latest content on your Start screen. Instead of seeing the same weather app icon each time, you'll see the latest forecast. Instead of the Delta app icon, you'll see that your flight is on time–all at a glance.

People Hub

All your contacts in one place

Find all the people you're connected to on Facebook®, Outlook®, LinkedIn®, Twitter™, and other communities in your People Hub. You'll also find all their contact information, so you can instantly call, text, email, or chat. No need to check app after app, because now you can see everyone's updates in one place.

People Hub

Bring your contacts to life


Keep everyone in the loop

The latest addition to the People Hub is Rooms, which lets you gather sets of up to 10 people in a private space on your Windows Phone. Invite family members, college friends, coworkers, or anyone else, and then share private messages, notes, calendars, photos, and more. Each Room you create can be pinned to your Start screen, letting you see updates at a glance.

Camera & Lenses

Point, shoot, and share

Office Mobile

Sync documents between phone, tablet, and computer

Office Mobile makes syncing documents between devices (phone, laptop, tablet) simple and easy. Access, create, edit, and share Word, Excel® and PowerPoint® documents and OneNote® notebooks. When you open an Office file, the latest version is automatically pulled from the cloud, so your documents are always in sync and up to date.


Your stuff goes wherever you go

Xbox® & Windows

Everything in sync

Windows offers deep integration with Windows and Xbox. Sign in with your Microsoft account and see your devices come to life with your Xbox games, music, movies, and more across your phone, tablet, laptop, and Xbox. Enjoy multiplayer games from phone to PC to console* and use the Smartglass™ application to turn your phone or tablet into a controller for your Xbox 360®.**

Xbox® Music + Videos

All your music and more

Music+Video Hub

Your music across all your devices

The Music+Video Hub is a reflection of your entertainment passions that dynamically updates as you use it. Purchase songs or albums through Xbox Music and they'll be available to stream or download from your Windows phone, tablet, laptop, or Xbox 360. Use Smart DJ to create personalized playlists at the push of a button.

Kid's Corner

Hand over your device without fear

With Kid's Corner, you can give your children access to the stuff you want while keeping them away from everything else. Let them play games, videos, and music on your phone without the fear of them reading your email or texting your boss. It's fast and easy to set up and only available on Windows Phone 8.

Kid's Corner

Let your kids play without worry

Windows is better with AT&T

The largest selection of Windows devices

With Live Tiles that deliver what you want in real time, your Windows device becomes the ultimate personal assistant. AT&T makes Windows even better with exclusive phones and tablets, 4G LTE speeds, and a network that lets you talk and surf at the same time.*** It all adds up to an experience that's as unique as you are.