Internet Data Calculator

Estimate your monthly data usage

Use the sliders below to estimate how much usage, on average, your monthly Internet activities take. Or click a data amount on the bar on the right to see a preset data package.

Emails sent and received*
Hours of streaming music
Hours of surfing the web
Social media posts with photos
Hours of streaming standard-definition video
Hours of streaming high-definition video
Hours of streaming 4K video
Time spent online gaming
*Represents 75% of emails with no attachments and 25% of emails with attachments.
How we estimate
The examples below provide a general guideline for the amount of data used for each activity:

Activity Data Size
1 email (no attachments)20KB
1 email (with standard attachments)300KB
1 min. of surfing the web250KB(15MB/hr.)
1 song downloaded4MB
1 photo upload to social media5MB
1 min. of streaming standard-definition video11.7MB (700MB/hr.)
1 min. of streaming high-definition video41.7MB (2500MB/hr.)
1 min. of streaming 4K video97.5MB (5850MB/hr.)
1 min. of online games200KB (12MB/hr.)
Keep in mind that these examples are just estimates based on typical file sizes. Your usage may vary. **

1MB = 1,000KB approximately
1GB = 1,000MB approximately
1TB = 1,000GB approximately

Smartphone plan
or select a Mobile Share plan

Total Estimate
(excluding other account charges)

Some devices also require an Individual or
Family voice plan.
Your Estimated Monthly Data Usage
1 5GB data plan is required to enable Mobile Hotspot or tethering.
2 $35 with new 2-year contract. $30 with month-to-month contract.
3 Prepaid data options available for Computers, Tablets, and Gaming Devices at
4 $10/mo. unlimited data plan for standard phones requires Messaging Unlimited feature.
5 Data overage charges are automatically applied.
5 Requires monthly voice plan.

myAT&T app***

Instantly track data usage, and review and pay your bill from your smartphone or tablet.

Check your usage

How does video affect data use?

TV & MoviesWatch 75 hours of SD TV AND stream 90 SD or 25 HD moviesWatch 75 hours of SD TV AND stream 100 SD or 35 HD moviesWatch 400 hours of SD TV AND stream 720 SD or 200 HD movies

Plus, with any of these data amounts, you can:

  • Send/receive over 10,000 emails
  • Download/upload over 1,000 medium-sized photos on a social media site like Facebook
  • Download over 1,000 MP3 songs
  • Watch over 1,000 standard quality YouTube videos

**The total bandwidth required for the data you send and receive over your home network counts toward your data plan. This includes, but isn’t limited to, software update requests, email notifications, and resend requests. Individual usage results may vary based on the applications you use.
***Activation requires online account registration. The myAT&T app is available for Apple® iPhone®, Blackberry®, Windows®, and Android® OS-supported devices. Access to myAT&T mobile websites depends on device operating systems, mobile browsers, and device attributes.