Dominate your game
with 1 GIG Internet
Take your gameplay to the next level with superfast fiber internet.
  • Crush lag and win like a pro.
  • Experience ultra-low latency—ping under 11ms.1
  • Play over a battle-ready 1000Mbps connection—our max speed.2
$70/mo. $49.99/mo. for 12 mos. plus taxes and equipment fee
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Get 1 GIG Internet today and get HBO Max™ included.
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You’re only as good as your internet connection

Whether you’re scoping out targets in Hitman 2 or running raids in an MMORPG, 1 GIG Internet powered by AT&T Fiber helps you stay competitive. A fast, reliable connection will level up your gaming with ultra-low latency for an edge. 99% reliability means less frustrating downtime that snaps you out of your win streak.

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Go fiber fast

$49.99for 12 mos. plus taxes and equipment fee

Don’t rage quit. Get reliable internet.

Lag and connection interruptions are your worst enemy, especially when it’s a close match. Fiber-fast internet can help you stay in the game with:

  • Consistent speeds, even at peak times
  • Reliability you can count on
  • The bandwidth to power multiple devices at once*

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Frequently asked questions

  • How many Mbps do I need for gaming?
    The right amount of speed for your connection will depend on what type of gamer you are. If you play competitive, fast-twitch games, or you live in a household with multiple heavy internet users, consider a plan with a gigabit internet connection, like Internet 1000, powered by AT&T Fiber. Internet 1000 has ultra-low latency (ping rates under 11 milliseconds1), giving you that extra near-real-time edge against the competition.
  • How do I make my internet better for gaming?
    There are a few ways to make your internet better for gaming. If you find that your connection is slow at certain times of the day, consider an internet plan powered by AT&T Fiber. Internet speeds with AT&T Fiber are consistently fast and have ultra-low latency, even during peak usage hours.2

    You can also use the AT&T Smart Home Manager app to troubleshoot potential issues and improve internet performance.
  • Is AT&T Internet good for gaming?
    AT&T Internet offers a lot of benefits for gamers. For example, our fastest residential internet plan, Internet 1000, offers a connection speed of 1000Mbps,3 ultra-low latency (ping rates under 11 milliseconds), unlimited data on your home internet connection, and consistent performance, even during peak usage hours.1
  • How do I know my internet is fast enough?
    If you're wondering if your internet is running as fast as it should, you can do a speed test. If your internet is running at the proper speed but you aren’t getting the gaming performance you need, consider switching to an AT&T Internet plan with a higher max speed.
  • What is the fastest internet for gaming?
    AT&T offers a 1000Mbps internet connection. Check and see what's available at your address.