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What is Apple TV?

Apple TV is TV for the future. With so much of modern technology focusing on small screens like phones and tablets, Apple TV brings that same spirit of innovation to your living room. Enjoy cable and premium channels, thousands of shows and movies to rent or buy, and access to popular streaming apps like Prime Video, Hulu, Netflix, ESPN®, HBO®, and AT&T TV.  

Which Apple TV?

There are two Apple TV options from AT&T. The first is the Apple TV 4K. This device makes your favorite entertainment even more amazing. Your videos will play in stunning 4K. A voice-controlled Siri remote will help you find all of the best content. You’ll be able to seamlessly move photos from your phone to your TV. And of course, you’ll have all of the best movies and shows right at your fingertips. It’s the TV experience you’ve always wanted.

The second option is the Apple TV 4th Generation. While this device doesn’t provide a Siri voice-controlled remote, or 4K definition, it brings the same great app options, and the same library of content—all in HD.  Either device will change the way you think about your TV.

Why AT&T?

AT&T delivers the full home entertainment experience, from TV, to devices, to internet. When you get Apple TV, along with AT&T Internet, you can enjoy the full suite of great entertainment options, such as games, shows, movies, and streaming services. Additionally, with a high-speed internet service from AT&T, you will get the ultra-fast performance you need to make the most of your Apple TV experience.