Set up a mobile hotspot on your device

Does your wireless plan include mobile hotspot data? Learn how to set up your phone or tablet if it does, or how to upgrade your plan if it doesn't.

Review your plan

Use a compatible smartphone or tablet on these voice and data plans that include mobile hotspot data:
  • AT&T unlimited plans: AT&T Unlimited Premium®, AT&T Unlimited Extra℠, AT&T Unlimited Starter℠, AT&T Unlimited Elite®, AT&T Unlimited &More Premium℠, AT&T Unlimited Enhanced Plus℠, and AT&T Unlimited Plus℠
  • AT&T 4GB℠
  • All AT&T Mobile Share® plans
  • AT&T Prepaid® monthly plans: $75, $65, $50, $45, $35, and multi-month plans.
FYI: AT&T may temporarily slow data speeds if the network is busy.

Don’t have one of these plans?

Learn how to change your wireless plan or AT&T Prepaid plan.

Need more hotspot data?

See options for adding hotspot data.


Last updated: August 22, 2023

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