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5100 Capital Blvd
Suite 100
Raleigh, NC 27616
We are located on Capital Blvd, on the northeast corner of Capital Blvd and Spring Forest Road, near Hampton Inn.
(919) 875-4204(919) 875-4204
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About the Raleigh Store

Our Services
  • Cell Phones
  • Wireless Plans and Setup
  • Phone Activations
  • Trade-In
  • Device Upgrade
  • Device Protection
  • Tablets
  • Wearables
  • TV & Entertainment
  • Internet
  • Bill Pay and Setup
  • Small Business Solutions
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Feel free to park wherever you find a vacant spot.

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What our customers are saying

  • 1 out of 5full starempty starempty starempty starempty star
    If Its possible to could give negative 5 stars I would. My simple trip to the AT&T store on capital Boulevard has turned into my biggest nightmare of the decade. I have been an AT&T customer since 2016 and I recently added Internet to my services In November 2019. I walked in to the AT&T store on capital Boulevard to inquire about my bill being high because I was quoted a combo price of $115 to bundle my Internet and cable bill. I was also prepared to pay all of my bills down to a zero balance at this visit. Only to find myself in a compromising position where my privacy has been compromised as well as my bills have been unified with a complete stranger. I receive notifications that my user ID has been changed to someone else’s user ID and then also to find out that two iPhone 8’s has been ordered under my account name. I inquired on that very day that I was in the store about this user ID name change and that the phone was ordered but the sales representative reassured me that there was no phone ordered and that I should report the email that have been changed because it could have been a mistake or someone could possibly hack into my account not realizing that the exact hacking and mistake happened right there in the store under my nose. I seriously worn the public not to allow any representative write down your pin code because my pin code had been on a sticky note past to about three different persons with my first and last name on that note. If it wasn’t for intuition leading me to check my account on the following Monday I would’ve never known that AT&T allowed the unification with a stranger to add seven lines, 2 iPhone 8’s as well as my information merging with this individual, leading it to be reported under the credit bureau. I was on the phone with customer service investigating this terrible news of me logging into my account to see that my privacy has been compromised and now I am responsible for someone else’s phones,Internet and cable! What a disaster to deal with. My phone call with customer service had me on the phone for over five hours only to be chasing a rabbit that I can never grab. I contacted the fraud agency I’ve spoke with several departments asking and begging to a new unify my bill with this individual explaining my case that I don’t even know who this person is.I ultimately called AT&T on capital to speak with the store manager and that they should call me being that this is an urgent matter. Anthony Porter is the store manager who has a nonchalant behavior on this matter. Instead of waiting for his call I decided to go to the store only to find out that he decided to take a lunch and had me waiting in the store for an hour and was never apologetic for this issue that transpired in his store. I am eight months pregnant dealing with this stress I have worked extremely hard to build my credit the way that it is and also to be disrespected in this matter and to deal with someone who has no sympathyOr tactfulness to solve this issue has been incredibly stressful. I have been the main investigator of this problem I’d try to reach out to Anthony Porter for one week and ultimately had to call Raleigh Police Department to get an answer on my case. They claim that there is a glitch in the system allowing the unification with my account along with this other person’s account to happen. The issue is still doesn’t have a resolution and it’s going on to two weeks. I’ve called to reach out to the area Manager Shane Tucker who has yet to reach out to me. Trying to get in touch with corporate is very difficult. Everyone at AT&T is not on the same page nobody knows the difference between their head and their tail. I just really want a resolution to my case so that I’m no longer responsible for somebody else’s phone. I’m really leaning towards canceling all of my services contacting a lawyer and going with another phone service that values me as a customer. I’m hoping this nightmare ends before I have my baby.
  • 1 out of 5full starempty starempty starempty starempty star
    After setting an appointment at the Capital boulevard location earlier in the week for 3:00 on Thursday to upgrade a device and set up a new service plan, we planned our day around what should have been about an hour long interaction. Never in my life have I experienced such disrespect, lack of attention, and utter ignorance from an employee of a business. AT&T should absolutely have two fewer subscribers after this fiasco.

    On the day in question, we walked into the store and were greeted by the store manager, who was very pleasant and personable. He then referred us to another employee, who clearly was immediately bothered by the fact that he had to postpone checking his Snapchat to do his job. This employee then proceeded to provide us with the absolute lowest level of customer service, as though he had practiced to be as terribly rude and disrespectful as he was. He never once greeted us or told us his name. The first words he spoke to us were extremely dry and the most monotone and disconnected manner possible, as he placed his personal phone back into his pocket, he said: “What phone do you want?”. Strike 1.

    We asked for information to read on share plans, and were told “I don’t have any information that I can show you, but go to the AT&T website”. From that, he proceeded to walk us to a table in the store, where he spoke to us with his head down the entire time, while asking us questions without making it clear which one of us they were directed to. Still no mention of available plans...Strike 2.

    Seeing as we had the appointment set, and were already in the store, we decided to just deal with this employee and his terribly disrespectful attempts and human interaction. So, my fiancée then told the employee which device she intended to upgrade to. He walked away, head down, staring at his cell phone again. He brings out the phone, still having not once disclosed anything to us about the available service plans. Having no information, and feeling as though we were still clearly taking away from his Snapchat time, we chose to leave the store. We never signed any paperwork, never agreed to any service plan, and never agreed to purchase any devices.

    Just when we decided to go to another store location, thinking this experience could not have gotten any worse, my fiancée realized that her current device was no longer activated. We arrived at the store in North Hills, and were immediately greeted by Zach, a very pleasant and personable individual. He informed us that the employee at the Capital Boulevard location had taken the unauthorized initiative to deactivate my fiancée’s phone, and added a new device that we never once agreed to purchase, thereby locking up her account. Strike 3.

    We spent over 3 hours between the two stores, in an attempt to correct this nonsense. Zach was able to rectify the other employee’s mistakes, and reactivated her phone. I would advise the staff, management, upper management, and anyone who cares at all about how the store on Capital Boulevard functions to reevaluate the quality of staff that they have chosen to keep.
  • 5 out of 5full starfull starfull starfull starfull star
    Eddie answered several questions I had about using a tablet in Europe and offered options to consider. I did not have to go into the store, but it saved me a lot of time to get help by phone. ( I was dreading going into a store because of all the negative reviews I had read for different locations.)
  • 5 out of 5full starfull starfull starfull starfull star
    It was great they even pronounce my name correctly. Thanks for the great job.
  • 5 out of 5full starfull starfull starfull starfull star

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