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60 Exchange St
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Richmond Hill, GA 31324
(912) 225-0101(912) 225-0101
To continue helping keep our customers, employees, and communities safe, we’ve made a number of changes in our retail stores as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.

🠢    Masks are required to be worn by employees, customers and visitors in our stores and will be provided to customers who need them.

🠢    We’re now offering curbside service, touchless transactions, and in some markets, door-step service with a no-contact virtual set-up.

🠢    We’re also limiting the number of people in our stores to ensure social distancing and asking customers to first go online to handle some services like bill payments and device upgrades.

🠢    Hand sanitizer is available to our employees and customers, and surfaces are cleaned and sanitized at regular intervals throughout the workday.

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Special offers and new phones for Richmond Hill

  • Save 10% on AirPods
    Apple AirPod discounts

    Wireless Earbuds

    More magical than ever. AirPods combine an Iconic design with breakthrough technology and high-fidelity sound. Limited time offer.
    Ends 8/27/2020. Restrictions apply.
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Our Location
Looking to purchase the newest iPhone, Apple Watch or Samsung smartphone? We have all your wireless needs covered with the hottest devices and matching accessories, including headphones, cases, screen protectors, wireless chargers and more. Our AT&T Store is in Richmond Hill, GA. We're located at the corner of Exchange Street and Ford Avenue, next to Pizza Hut, near Kroger. Conveniently located off I-95, we serve the Richmond Hill area and surrounding neighborhoods. Not only can we help upgrade your device or wireless plan, but we offer fantastic promotions on AT&T TV, DIRECTV and U-Verse Internet! If your neighborhood qualifies for high-speed Internet, you could be eligible for AT&T Fiber. Our location is also Small Business Certified and eager to help your business get connected. We also offer buy online, pick up in store! Skip the line by placing your order online, then choose a time to pick up your new device on YOUR schedule. Click the Shop Now button to begin your online order.

Cellphones, plans & accessories


    Experience the freedom of AT&T PREPAID with plans that allow you to pay for usage in advance without tying you up in a long-term contract. Get unlimited talk & text in the U.S. and the data you need with no annual contract, no credit check, free shipping, and no activation fee for online orders. Shop AT&T prepaid phones for the premium brands you love or bring your own (BYOD) compatible device.

    When you are ready for a new phone, AT&T makes it easy. You’ll find everything from the latest feature-rich smartphones to devices for mostly texting and calling. Choose from the most popular brands like Apple, Samsung, LG, and more. Order online and get free shipping, pick up at your nearest store, or get free same-day delivery in select ZIP codes.

    AT&T has the accessories you need to style & protect your devices. Rugged phone cases & sleek phone covers, chargers & batteries to keep you powered up, and speakers, headphones & headsets to keep you connected to your favorite audio, and more. Get free shipping, free returns, and in-store pickup – just order online by 4pm and it’ll be ready within two hours.

What our customers are saying

  • 5 out of 5full starfull starfull starfull starfull star
    Caitlyn B and the Guru at the downtown Savannah location fix the issue of reactivating my Samsung watch in less then 10 minutes. I know you're wondering how does that even constitute a 5 out of 5 review. Well let me tell you..

    It all began last year when I went in to the same location because I was having a connectivity issue with my watch staying connected via Number Sync. The person at the time had no knowledge about Samsung products because she was an iPhone user. So needless to say she had to call someone at the mall to assist her in trying to fix the issue. It worked for a little while before going back to its old ways.

    So fast forward to a post apocalyptic Corona area. Well, maybe not so post. Anyway, earlier this month I've had about as much as I could take of this darn thing not staying synced and finally made the call that would set things in motion. I call the Asurion insurance to file a claim to replace my phone and watch. They informed me that my watch was still under warranty and that I had to call Samsung to take care of that.

    So fast forward to the part where the watch is mailed to Samsung, they work their magic, "ding-dong" it's back and now I have to reconnect it to the network (reactivate it). So I call 611(tech support). I tell the nice lady what's going on and she proceeds to ask me for the numbers to all of those different letters that make you studdar and twitch when you try to say them.

    She does her thing. Nothing. She tries a few more tricks before consulting her manager, and them determining that they need to send me to advanced tech support.

    Advanced tech guy comes on, he asks how can he help, so I let him know it's all in the file. The nice lady from tech support took the time to input the info before transferring me over. Ok, he reads it asks a few questions for extra clarification, and proceeds to asking for what he needed to conduct his troubleshooting process. He works on it for a while, then determined that he should consult his supervisor. At this point I was like two hours in to this whole process. A few minutes later he apologizes and says call Samsung back and tell them they need to send me another watch, and explain that AT&T had done everything that they could to troubleshoot the issue with no success.

    I call Samsung and explain what I was trying to do. Eventually I give him the number for the transaction from the repair. He goes in and does what he did, then comes back asks for those crazy numbers again, does some more then says I need to call the service provider back again.

    So I call AT&T, back, only to sit on hold for 20 minutes before automated Suzie comes on and tells me that everyone is going home more or less, then hangs up. I mean, she didn't even say Goodbye.

    So today I stop in and explain to Caitlyn the experience that I'd just gone through, less than 24 hours ago, and she leaps into action.

    She let's me know that I'm in luck because she has a Samsung wacth that has given her the same issue, and if she can't figure it out, she knows the guy who can.

    Welp, she makes some adjustments to my plan and reassures me that it won't effect anything. Then she proceeds to work more magic behind that ridiculously slow computer. LOL. She tries a few things, and then phones a in the guy. Two minutes later shes figured it out and is working the issue. Five minutes later my watch is working and I'm saying "Have a nice day!"

    If you're still here after all of that, please know that was the abbreviated version, so if it was at all painful or confusing.... you now understand. 5 stars to Caitlyn B and the mystery guru man in the downtown Savannah store.

    Thank you two!
  • 5 out of 5full starfull starfull starfull starfull star
    I've been having an issue with my Samsung watch for some time now and had to send it in to Samsung for repair. So the watch was returned earlier this week with a card instructing me to contact my service provider to reactivate the device. I call AT&T customer support on my cell and inform the person what I needed to do. She was very kind, and kept thanking me for my patience as she tried everything she could to figure out the issue. At one point she consulted her manager on the issue. She apologized for not being able to fix it at her level and informed me that she would transfer me to advanced tech support to try to rectify the situation. Advanced tech support come on, I explain and he proceeds to trying something different which also did not work. He made several attempts at other things that were also unsuccessful before asking his supervisor for assistance. They determined that based on the history regarding the repair issue, that I should call Samsung back and inform them that it is still unresolved, and explain what had been done by AT&T tech support. Now, I call Samsung. I explain to the man what just went down. At this point I'm like two hours in to just trying to reactivate my watch. He looks up the history and does his thing on his end, and says that the watch is fine, and to contact the service provider or go in to the actual location. Welp, here we are today. I walk in and Caitlyn B tells me I'm in luck because if she can't figure it out, she knows the guy who will. 10 minutes and one call later, my watch is connected to the network, and I'm on my way. Thank you Caitlyn, and thank the guru guy too in the downtown Savannah location!
  • 1 out of 5full starempty starempty starempty starempty star
    Good afternoon I walked into this Richmond Hill store today Friday the 14th at 1150 am. I had noticed that my phone and my wife’s phone did not have any service. So I walk into this particular store with just a simple question out of curiosity not in any hostile way of any shape or form. I simply asked “is there an outage for cellphone service”? And this is when the older African American lady who I think was the manager at the time threw her hands up in disgust like I just shot her dog... When I asked the question I wasn’t asking her I was asking the younger African American girl (who was extremely nice) explained the situation very professionally unlike her manager who threw her hands up. I would expect more out of a manager to handle the situation like the younger employee did. The customer service shown by the manager was very distasteful. I have been a member since 2003 and never had any customer service issues if you could get in touch with me that would be great. Have a blessed day!
  • 5 out of 5full starfull starfull starfull starfull star
    Great customer service. Friendly and knowledgeable employees. I will definitely continue to use the AT&T store in Richmond Hill.
  • 5 out of 5full starfull starfull starfull starfull star
    We were helped in a timely manner and the customer service was fantastic.

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