AutoPay with a credit card

Learn how enrolling in AutoPay with a credit card can affect your account.

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When you enroll in AutoPay using a credit card, your payment due date changes. Your new payment due date will be eight days after the date your monthly bill cycle ends. To find your bill cycle date, view the following examples.

Paper bill
Your bill cycle date appears in the upper-right corner on the first page of your bill.

Online bill

  1. Sign in to myAT&T for Business.
  2. Select View profile in the upper-right corner.
  3. Select Billing and Payment options from the menu. Under Payment options, select Manage payment activity & options.
  4. On the Payment activity & options page, select Sign up for AutoPay.
    Sign up for AutoPay

We offer you the flexibility to use a credit card to pay your monthly bills. If you prefer to continue with your current payment due date, change your payment method to one of these:
  • Checking account
  • Savings account
  • Debit card

Changes to AutoPay can take up to five business days to take effect.

If you want to change your payment method or discontinue AutoPay, go through the steps mentioned above, and then follow the steps that appear on the page.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does my payment due date change when I use a credit card with AutoPay?
AT&T is changing the payment due date associated with credit card payments to align with our other services.

How does this change affect me?
AutoPay will charge your credit card 8 days after the date your monthly bill cycle ends, which is 13 days sooner than your current payment due date.

How can I keep my current payment charge date?
To keep your current payment due date, use one of these payment methods for AutoPay:
  • A debit card
  • A checking account
  • A savings account

How do I change my payment method?
To manage or change your AutoPay payment method, use myAT&T for Business.

How was I notified of this change?
We sent a direct mail notification to existing credit card customers 45 days before the change. We'll send an email reminder seven days before we implement the change.

If my credit card statement shows two payments during the same month after this change, was I overcharged?
Due to the timing of this change, you may see two charges on your first credit card statement after this change takes effect. This will be the only time you might see two charges on your credit card statement and does not mean you were overcharged.

What if I need additional assistance?
For more help, call us at 844.822.3351 and say Automatic Payment.
Last updated: January 8, 2024