Automatic payments and online payment options

You can pay your bill when you receive it or set up automatic payments.

Account management

When you register for AT&T online account management:
  • You will receive an email each month telling you that your bill is available online.
  • You can choose to stop receiving a paper bill and view your bill online, print a copy, or save an electronic version.
  • You must pay your bill each month by selecting the Make a payment button. You must pay at least two business days prior to the due date to avoid late payment charges.
  • You can pay your bill online every month using a bank account or credit card. You may choose to store your financial information for easy future payments.

With the automatic payments:
  • You will continue to receive a paper bill unless you stop your paper bill.
  • Your bill is automatically paid in full before your due date.
  • The AutoPay service uses the bank account or credit/debit card that you specified for the automatic payment service when you enrolled online.
Last updated: January 8, 2024