Make payment arrangements

Learn important information about scheduling payment arrangements to avoid service interruptions.

How to make a payment arrangement

  1. Sign in to your account.
  2. Go to Make a Payment.
  3. The payment calendar displays options based on your eligibility. Enter payment information and payment date. Select Continue.
  4. Review payment details and select Submit to schedule your payment.
  5. The payment status screen includes your confirmation number and account balance.

Important payment arrangement details

  • If the calendar in myAT&T doesn’t present options after your due date, you're not eligible to postdate a payment. 
  • When arranging to pay your bill after the due date, a late fee may apply and you may see an automated notice in myAT&T about possible account suspension. 
  • The amount you commit to pay must be posted to your account by the agreed-upon date. If you don't pay on the date you've agreed, your service may be suspended immediately, and a reconnection or restoral fee may be charged.
  • Depending on your payment history, some payment methods may not be available. When entering a payment arrangement, you commit to paying by the selected payment method on the chosen date.

If you use AutoPay, you may need to pause the current month. AutoPay will resume the next bill cycle. Contact your financial institution to ensure that the Autopay draft does not happen in addition to the payment arrangement you’ve scheduled, which could result in overdraft charges by your bank.

Potential fees
  • Late fee if arranging to pay after due date 
  • Convenience fee if you speak or chat with a Customer Care representative to make or schedule a payment
  • Restoral fee if payment isn’t made as agreed and service is suspended.

Verifying or changing payments

After signing in, select Billing & payment options to see all your payment activity. Select scheduled payments to manage or edit the date, amount, or method of a payment that’s scheduled to post before your due date.

Timing Guidelines
  • You can only cancel or change payments that are scheduled to post before your due date. Payment arrangements, or payments scheduled to post after your due date, cannot be changed or cancelled once they’re set.
  • Payments begin processing at 12 a.m. ET on the scheduled payment date. To edit or cancel your payment, take action at least one day prior to the scheduled payment date.
Last updated: January 9, 2024