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Learn about the Easy Online Activation SIM Kit

Find out which SIM card fits your device.


What to know

The AT&T Easy Online Activation SIM Kit comes with a universal SIM card with 3 SIM card sizes. Get the kit from Amazon® or another online retailer when you bring your own device to AT&T.

Heads up: Looking for an eSIM card? Visit a store or contact us.

Find and insert the right SIM card for your device

Heads up: If you purchased a device and it came with a new SIM card installed, we suggest using that SIM card. Skip this section and check your device or SIM card activation instructions for more details.
  1. Find your SIM card size by going to the Device Support tutorial for your device and selecting Specifications.
  2. Remove the SIM card from the SIM kit and choose the right size:
    • Be sure to punch out the largest (Standard) SIM first.
    • Punch out the Micro SIM next, then the Nano SIM, if necessary.
  3. Insert the SIM card.

  • Can’t find your device? Check your device manufacturer’s website to confirm the right SIM card size. 
  • Not sure how to insert a SIM card? Go to our Device Support tutorial and select Insert SIM Card.

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