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Connect with experts to answer AT&T Wireless or Internet technical and account-related questions. Plus, find out how you can sign up to be an AT&T expert.

Get on-demand expert support

Want to complete a task related to your AT&T Wireless or AT&T Internet service and not sure what to do? Our Ask an expert program’s here to help.

The program connects you with approved experts who aren’t our employees, but knowledgeable consumers like you. These experts can help fix your tech issues and answer general account “how to” questions over chat.

If you see the Ask an expert icon and want help setting up a new device or aren’t sure of certain features, try asking an expert. Ask them questions like:
  • “How can I block spam calls and messages?”
  • “How do I connect other devices to my hotspot?”
  • “What features are on my wireless phone?”
  • “How do I change my billing address for AT&T Internet?”

Keep in mind
Our AT&T experts don’t have access to your account details, like passwords, payment, or contact info.

About the Ask an expert program
We partnered with Directly, an on-demand customer service provider. This program lets us route questions about our wireless and internet service to our AT&T experts who can answer them over chat.

Each AT&T expert meets our agreement guidelines with Directly. Plus, they strictly adhere to our privacy policy.

Sign up to be an AT&T expert

Want to earn rewards for successfully answering questions about AT&T service?

Do you know a lot about AT&T Wireless devices, accessories, or plans? What about AT&T Internet equipment or plans? Or, myAT&T account management?

Plus, do you enjoy helping others use our services while working in a fast-paced, online environment? If so, we invite you to join our team of AT&T experts.

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Yay! I'm approved as an AT&T expert. What's next?
You’ll get access to the Directly dashboard. View each new wireless or internet question that comes in and pick the ones you want to answer. You'll earn rewards for each issue you successfully resolve.

What type of questions will I be answering?
As an AT&T expert, you'll be able to answer device, equipment, plan, and general wireless or internet account “how to” questions.

You won’t need account access to answer these questions, just your in-depth knowledge of our wireless and internet services. Plus, you can dig into the support materials on our site.

You'll answer questions like these topics:
  • Network troubleshooting
  • SIM card activation
  • General mobile device troubleshooting
  • Transferring phones
  • General account info
Last updated: December 7, 2022

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