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Get your AT&T bill explained. Learn about your charges, payment options, and more.

Understand your bill

Your AT&T bill includes your most recent charges, current total, and any changes. Bill changes happen for several reasons, including plan updates, new devices, promo expirations, credits, and more.

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Promos & discounts

You may get bill credits or discounts for different reasons: 

  • You have AutoPay and paperless billing 
  • You have a Signature discount
  • You have bundled services


Bill credits usually show up within two bill periods.

Wireless offer credits

You may get wireless offer credits when:

  • You trade in an old device
  • You’re on an active installment plan
  • You have an active wireless promotion


Don't forget, bill credits can take three to four bill periods to appear.

Taxes, fees & charges

Depending on your service, your bill may include:

  • Activation or other fees and surcharges
  • One-time and partial month charges
  • Government fees and taxes

Payment options

It’s a snap to make a payment today or schedule one for later.

Fast payment

Make an online bill payment without signing in. Provide your account number or active AT&T phone number and your ZIP Code.

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Online payment

Sign in with your AT&T user ID and password to make a payment today.

Make a payment

Payment arrangement

Want to pay after your due date? Set up a late payment. Late fees may apply. Have your user ID and password handy.

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