Canceling wireless: One less thing to worry about

Are you a service member with deployment orders to relocate? We can help you cancel your wireless service.

Plus, you may be eligible to keep your wireless numbers. Have the deployment orders handy.

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Here’s what you’ll do...

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    Choose each number you want to cancel

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    Tell us each number you want us to hold (if eligible)

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    Upload the deployment orders

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Frequently asked questions

  • Who is an eligible service member?
    In general, a service member with orders to relocate outside of AT&T’s coverage area for 90 days or more.

    Want more details? Learn about eligibility requirements
  • Who can submit an online request to cancel wireless service?
    You can submit a request if you’re:

    • An eligible service member.
    • A spouse or dependent authorized to submit the request on behalf of an eligible service member.
    • A primary account owner with a wireless service plan that includes an eligible service member on the plan.

    Heads up: If you are a legal representative for an eligible service member, please call us at 800.331.0500. You’ll have to submit a copy of your power of attorney.
  • Which lines can I cancel on my wireless account?
    • Eligible service members can cancel all lines on their account.
    • Primary account owners can cancel any line on their account assigned to an eligible service member. They can also cancel any lines of the service member’s dependents who will relocate with the service member.
  • How long will you hold my number(s), if requested?
    We’ll hold eligible numbers for up to 39 months. But you must re-subscribe to AT&T wireless service within that timeframe to keep the numbers.
  • Can I have my AT&T Installment Plan charges waived?
    If you meet all requirements:

    • The installment plan is for a device (or accessory) used on an eligible service member’s line (or dependent relocating with such service member) that is being canceled.
    • You entered the installment plan before the service member’s deployment orders were issued.
    • The buyer’s remorse period for the device (or accessory) has expired.

    In that case, we’ll waive remaining installments and you get to keep the device or accessory.