Cell Booster Wall Charger - Gray

Cell Booster Wall Charger



  • This power supply unit is the only source of power for the Cell Booster. This PSU takes 90-264 volts AC and converts it to 12 DC output toward your unit.


    Features and specs:

    • Input voltage operational range: 90-264 volts AC
    • Input Frequency operational range: 47-63 hertz
    • Input current shall not exceed 1.0 amps, when operated at 90 volts AC~264 volts AC with no load to full load
    • Inrush current should be lower than 60 amps at 25°C cold start and 230 volts AC input voltage
    • Input power saving should be lower than 0.1 watts under no-load and 115/230 volts AC input voltage conditions. It would conform to "DOE VI" and "ErP(EU)2019/1782".
    • Output voltage: 12 volts DC
    • Output range: ± 5%
    • Full load: 2 amps
    • Min. load: 0 amps

    PSU shell color is Pantone Cool Gray and is made of ABS plastic.

  • Key Features

    • Input voltage: 90-264 volts AC
    • Input frequency: 47-63 hertz
    • Output voltage: 12 volts DC
    • Output range: ± 5%

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