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Tech21 Evo Check Boston Marathon Case - Galaxy S9+

Compatible with Galaxy S9+

Tech21 Evo Check Boston Marathon Case - Galaxy S9+ - Gray

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Tech21 Evo Check Boston Marathon Case - Galaxy S9+ - Gray - isn't available.
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  • 3-meter / 10-foot protection. Drop after drop.

    Most of us drop our phones more than once. So, by using 3 layers of advanced impact materials, we’ve designed the Evo Check case to protect your phone from up to 3 meters / 10 feet, drop after drop. And when we say that it protects drop after drop, it’s not based on hope or assumption, it’s based on results and hard data.


    By drop-testing our Evo Check cases 20 times in a bespoke impact-testing machine, we capture up to 90,000 raw data points and carry out up to 1.5 million calculations for each drop. This means reliable testing, accurate results, and scientifically proven protection that you can trust, drop after drop.


    There’s more to the Evo Check case than meets the eye. Sitting beneath the surface is an effective 3-layer protection system which spreads out and absorbs impact energy, stopping it from passing through into your phone.

    1/ A flexible outer shell cushions the impact.
    2/ A hard skeletal frame then spreads the impact energy and deflects it away from your phone.
    3/ And then FlexShock, an impact material unique to tech21, absorbs any remaining impact energy.

    After being permanently bonded, these 3 layers work together seamlessly to protect your phone, drop after drop after drop.


    When designing the Evo Check case, what was important to us is that it not only protects the device it encases, but that it also enhances its original beauty. By using translucent materials and a unique check pattern, the Evo Check case plays with light and transparency, adding subtle design detail to your smartphone’s original beauty.


    FlexShock is so efficient that a thin layer offers incredible protection, making the Evo Check beautifully thin and lightweight.


    We want you to love using your smartphone. So, we've designed the Evo Check to sit securely in your hand and give you comfortable, precise access to your ports and function buttons. Designed to work perfectly with tech21 screen protectors (sold separately).


    Premium materials, precision manufacturing. Quality assurance. We have ultimate confidence in the performance of the Evo Check, but if it does develop a fault during normal use we'll replace it for free. And that's a lifetime promise. Conditions apply.

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