Belkin Dual Mode Wireless Charging Pad - Black

Belkin Dual Mode Wireless Charging Pad


Belkin Dual Mode Wireless Charging Pad - Black - isn't available.
  • Wirelessly charge your mobile devices

    WIth a stylish and portable design, this charger uses PMA and Qi-certified technology to deliver charge to your phone wirelessly. Your phone will begin charging by induction.

    Rapid, continuous charging

    Although the charger works wirelessly, it doesn't sacrifice speed. The charger can bring your phone's battery from zero to 100 percent just as quickly as a conventional, 5-watt wired adapter. With its 1-amp output, the charger delivers power to your phone smoothly and quickly.

    Elegant, compact design

    You can easily slip the Universal Wireless Charging Pad into a pocket or bag thanks to its compact, travel-friendly design. The charger features a small footprint and takes up a minimal amount of space on your desk. And with its elegant design and black finish, it can blend in with any home or office environment.

    Soft pad keeps your phone secure

    The charging pad of the Universal Wireless Charging Pad is soft and smooth, providing your phone with a safe cushion while it is charging. The pad's high-friction material grips the phone and prevents it from slipping.

    Compatible with any PMA/Qi-enabled device

    The Universal Wireless Charging Pad can provide a charge to any device with integrated PMA or Qi functionality. It will also work with phones that can become PMA or Qi-enabled if you equip them with a PMA ring/cases, or a Qi-receiving battery shell or case.

    Comes with Belkin®wall adapter and cable

    The QI Wireless Charging Pad comes bundled with a Belkin Micro USB Cable and a 2-amp wall adapter, which it uses as a power supply. You can also use the wall adapter and cable independently of the charging pad to charge any device with a micro-USB input.

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