MyCharge Maglock Magnetic Powerbank 6K - White



  • Conveniently charge your iPhone 12 or newer iPhone model equipped with MagSafe® case. MAG-LOCK™ magnetic, wireless powerbank is packed with a ton of exclusive features including the strongest magnetic grip of any magnetic charger, a premium hard-shell protective finish (think original iPod) and an audible chime that tells you “I’m charging”. Plus, it starts charging your iPhone the moment it magnetically connects (nothing to press or guess) and boasts the smallest footprint of any magnetic charger, per 1000mAh. The exclusive raised-coil design even minimizes heat build-up. Can also be used with any Apple MagSafe certified iPhone cases.

  • Key Features

    • Magnetic lock and alignment
    • Automatic on/off
    • Audible tone tells it's charging

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