iFrogz Plugz 3.5mm Corded Earbuds - Silver



  • The iFrogz Plugz mobile earbuds are the ultimate combination of style and performance. They deliver pristine audio that’s ideal for all types of music, at any volume. The flat, tangle-resistant cable features an in-line remote/microphone, so users can control their music and calls with ease. Available in a wide selection of vibrant colors, the Plugz earbuds also include three ear tip sizes to ensure a comfortable fit and an angled jack that helps prevent accidental dislocation.

    Key Features

    9mm drivers deliver a well-balanced sound that’s ideal for all types of music at any volume.

    The single-button remote/microphone, set in a flat, tangle-resistant cable, makes controlling music and calls a breeze.

    Tangle resistant, flat cord makes wearing your Plugz earbuds easy and convenient.

    The angled jack helps prevent your cord from accidentally coming unplugged from your device.

    Plugz wired earbuds come with a 1 Year Limited Warranty.


    - 3 ear tip sizes

    - 9mm drivers

    - Mic/Remote

    - 3.5mm jack

    - Weight 0.02oz

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  • Key Features

    • 9mm Drivers
    • Tangle Resistant
    • Angled Jack

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