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Color: Black
  • Enjoy high-quality, continuous streaming on all your screens at once. Get a strong wireless connection in every room, while having as many as 30+ connected devices.

    The NETGEAR® 4-Stream WiFi 6 Mesh Extender (EAX20) creates a powerful mesh Wi-Fi network for increased coverage to every corner of your home. Experience dramatically faster Wi-Fi.

    Key Features:

    80MHz channel support extends Gigabit WiFi connectivity speeds for compatible mobile devices and laptops

    4-stream Wi-Fi 6 with up to 1.8Gbps ultra-fast wireless speeds

    Works with your existing Wi-Fi. Works best with the Netgear WiFi 6 Routers

    Two high-performance internal antennas for ultimate coverage

    Smart Roaming automatically connects your mobile devices to the best available WiFi. Smart Connect intelligently selects the optimal WiFi band for every device

    Four Gigabit Ethernet ports to connect all your wired devices

    Backwards compatible with current and previous generation routers and devices (Wi-Fi 5 and earlier generation Wi-Fi standards)


    AX1800 4-stream Dual-band AX Mesh Extender

    2x2 5GHz + 2x2 2.4GHz

    20/40/80MHz, 1024-QAM, 1.2Gbps(5GHz)

    20/40, 1024-QAM, 0.6Gbps(2.4GHz)

    80MHz support

    1.5GHz Quad-Core Processor

    2 internal antennas

    4 10/100/1000 Ethernet ports with auto-sensing technology

    What makes it different from other WiFi extenders?

    Built with the latest and fastest WiFi 6 technology. Upgrade your WiFi to support the newer smartphones and laptops that support the faster WiFi speeds offered by WiFi 6. Ideal for small to medium-sized homes with 2-3 bedrooms (up to 1,500 sq. ft.). Experience more gaming and streaming performance everywhere in your home with even more devices.

    You and your family want the latest technology with more capacity and more devices for your small to medium sized homes. You have a home theatre that has a large 4K TV and you want to enjoy smooth streaming on your smart TV, smartphones, and gaming console with enough WiFi coverage for outdoor security cameras and smart home devices.

    You're looking for a powerful WiFi system for your smart home. Your home has lots of connected devices. You want to take advantage of the fastest broadband speeds available to get the speeds that you’re paying for.

    Enjoy high quality streaming on all your screens at once with a strong connection in every room continuously while having as many as 30+ connected devices to provide the ultimate smart home experience.


    NETGEAR, a leader in consumer WiFi for over 20 years, is ushering in the new era of WiFi 6, the latest generation of WiFi technology that ensures we’re ready for our ever connected future.

    Benefit #1: Latest WiFi 6 Technology with More Capacity & Coverage

    You want strong WiFi to stream, game, and browse online without buffering and lag wherever you are in your home. You need a powerful mesh WiFi system that can cover all of your devices wherever you want to enjoy them. You also want higher performance and simultaneous WiFi streams to deliver gigabit internet to more devices. Gigabit internet homes need to take advantage of new WiFi 6 performance that’s supported by the latest next generation mobile devices and laptops, which means you need the Netgear WiFi 6 Mesh Extender. Ideal for small to medium homes with 2-3 bedrooms, you can extend powerful WiFi to every corner and take advantage of faster broadband speeds and enjoy the speeds you pay for. Upgrade to a Netgear WiFi 6 Mesh Extender to experience the ultra-fast WiFi speeds and up to 4-times the capacity than WiFi 5, so you can connect more devices on your WiFi today and in the future.

    With increased speeds, coverage, and capacity of WiFi 6 technology, you can feel confident that you’re getting stronger, more reliable WiFi throughout your home.

    When you upgrade to a Netgear WiFi 6 Mesh Extender, you receive improved WiFi speeds and greater capacity than WiFi 5, so you can connect more devices on your WiFi network today and in the future.

    Since WiFi 6 is backward compatible with previous WiFi generations, this WiFi 6 Mesh Extender will work with all your existing internet-connected devices.

    Benefit #2: Ultra-Fast WiFi Speeds – Gigabit WiFi

    Combined speeds up to 1.8Gbps (1.2+0.6Gbps)† extend your speeds throughout your home. Support for 80MHz bandwidth enables faster speeds to the latest and newer compatible mobile devices. Your upgraded WiFi experience delivers smooth streaming of ultra HD content on your new smart TV, music for your WiFi connected speakers and fast online game play throughout your home. With the Netgear WiFi 6 Mesh Extender, get seamless connectivity to support the latest bandwidth-intensive applications.

    Benefit #3: WiFi 6 Mesh WiFi Capability – For your WiFi 6 Router

    Create a powerful WiFi 6 mesh WiFi system with your existing WiFi 6 router for an upgraded experience with more devices and faster speeds.

    Benefit #4: Mesh WiFi Capability – Works with any WiFi router

    Create a powerful mesh WiFi system with your existing WiFi router, whether it’s your service provider’s gateway or any other WiFi router.

    Benefit #5: 4 Gigabit Wired Ports & 3.0 USB

    Connect more wired devices like gaming consoles and storage devices, and go faster when gaming or downloading.

  • Key Features

    • Extends Gigabit WiFi connectivity
    • 4-stream Wi-Fi 6 with up to 1.8Gbps
    • Works with your existing Wi-Fi
    • Four Gigabit Ethernet ports

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