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C by GE Cync Wire-Free Smart Switch Remote + Color Controller



C by GE Cync Wire-Free Smart Switch Remote + Color Controller - White isn't available.


The Wire-Free Smart Dimmer Switch + White Tones Control lets you adjust the brightness and white color of your Cync™ and C by GE Tunable White and Full Color Smart Bulbs while you're at the switch. Like a dimmer switch, adjust the white tones from warmer white to cooler white at the touch of a button. Want a switch closer to your bed or one that's reachable when you walk into your front door? Place a Wire-Free Smart Switch where there isn't a switch today with no wires or screws needed—perfect for rentals or dorm rooms. The smart Bluetooth switch connects wirelessly to Cync and C by GE Smart Bulbs, Smart Plugs, and Smart Switches to provide whole room control. You can turn lights on and off, brighten, and dim from anywhere in the room. The Wire-Free Smart Switch includes removable tape and a replaceable battery that's rated to last over two years. Pair with other Cync and C by GE switches, bulbs, and plugs in the Cync app and create 3-way connections, control electric devices like fans and space heaters, and use touch to turn off lights on different circuits.


• No wires required, just install the smart dimmer switch on any wall or surface

• Adjust color temperature from cool, refreshing light to warm, cozy light from the smart dimmer switch

• Touch control for Cync and C by GE Smart Bulbs, Switches, and Plugs

• Add a switch where there isn't one today with no wires or screws

• Control a light in a different room wirelessly

• Install Cync and C by GE Smart Plugs and Bulbs and wirelessly control all your lights from one Wire-Free Remote

• No hub required

• Replaceable (photocell) battery rated to last 2+ years

GE and C by GE are registered trademarks of General Electric Company. Used on trademark license.