Re-locate AT&T MicroCell
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Re-locate AT&T MicroCell

This tutorial shows how to re-locate the MicroCell.

  1. Launch a web browser and visit, then click Manage Settings.
    device 2832/1415260.jpg
  2. Click on your account type.
    device 2832/1447827.jpg
  3. Enter your myAT&T login information, then click Log in.
    device 2832/1447828.jpg
  4. Click the desired MicroCell account, then click Continue.
    device 2832/1447829.jpg
  5. Scroll to "Your MicroCell Device Location & E911 Information", then click Add a New 3G MicroCell Device Location.
    Note: The new location address must be in an area where AT&T is licensed to provide service.
    device 2832/1447830.jpg
  6. Enter the physical address where the MicroCell will be located and click Save.
    device 2832/1447831.jpg
  7. The screen will refresh, Scroll back down to the section titled "Your MicroCell Device Location and E911 Information".
    device 2832/1447832.jpg
  8. Locate the new address that was added and click activate location. Do NOT click activate location for the address until the MicroCell is physically located at that address.
    device 2832/1447833.jpg
  9. To remove a location, click delete next to the desired location.
    device 2832/1447834.jpg

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