MicroCell settings
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MicroCell settings

This tutorial shows how to set and adjust microcell settings.

  1. Open a web browser on your computer, and navigate to www.att.com/MicroCell, then click Manage Settings.
    device 2832/1415788.jpg
  2. Click on your account type.
    device 2832/1415790.jpg
  3. Enter your account information, then click Log in.
    device 2832/1415791.jpg
  4. Click the desired wireless number that is linked to your MicroCell, then click Continue.
    device 2832/1415792.jpg
  5. The device serial number will be displayed in the Device Serial Number field.
    device 2832/1415793.jpg
  6. Your device status will be displayed in the Device Status Field.
    device 2832/1415794.jpg
  7. The Device Nickname is the name that will be displayed in your network router settings.
    device 2832/1415795.jpg
  8. The primary user email will receive all notifications and updates regarding your MicroCell device.
    device 2832/1415796.jpg
  9. Automatic Hand-Out, if enabled, transfers your call to an AT&T Cell Tower if there is poor connection to the MicroCell.
    device 2832/1415797.jpg
  10. Scroll to view the MicroCell device location information. Click Add a New MicroCell Device Location to add a new location and change the default location of the MicroCell.
    device 2832/1415802.jpg
  11. Scroll to view the MicroCell device approved user list. Click Add a New AT&T Number to this Approved User List to add an AT&T number to the approved numbers to connect to the MicroCell.
    device 2832/1415806.jpg
  12. Click Save to save your settings.
    device 2832/1431465.jpg

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