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Tips & troubleshooting

This tutorial walks through tips and troubleshooting for the MicroCell.

  1. Restarting fixes most problems, like many electronic devices, the MicroCell and your 3G, 4G or 4G LTE cell phone may occasionally need to be rebooted (turned off and back on again) to re-establish their connection to each other.
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  2. Cell phones may take some time to switch to the MicroCell . Depending on the signal strength of the AT&T cell tower, the time for your cell phone to switch to the MicroCell can vary. It may take seconds or up to five minutes.
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  3. Calls transfer from the MicroCell to the strongest available AT&T cell tower signal. However, calls initiated on the cell tower do not transfer to the MicroCell.
    Note: With the optional Unlimited MicroCell Calling, calls that originate on the MicroCell and transfer to a nearby AT&T cell tower continue on as unlimited.
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  4. Connecting to the MicroCell doesn't always mean unlimited calling You can purchase AT&T Unlimited MicroCell Calling for an individual phone number, your whole account or use your existing wireless plan minutes. Other 3G, 4G or 4G LTE cell phone owners on your approved user list also use their existing wireless plan minutes unless they purchase the Unlimited MicroCell Calling feature.
    Note: To purchase the Unlimited MicroCell Calling feature, go to Log in to your online wireless account, click the I want to... dropdown, hover the mouse over Add or change a service. Scroll down and select AT&T Unlimited MicroCell Calling.
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