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In-Call Options

In-Call Options

Learn what features are available while on an active call.

  1. ADJUST THE VOLUME: While on an active call, press the Volume buttons.
    device 5154/9006132_01.jpg
  2. TURN ON/OFF SPEAKERPHONE: Press the right option button to select Speaker. To turn off, press the right option button to select Speaker Off.
    device 5154/9006132_02.jpg
  3. MUTE A CALL: Press the left option button to select Mute. To un-mute a call, press the left option button to select Un-mute.
    device 5154/9006132_03.jpg
  4. ADD A CALL: Press the OK button to select Add Call, then press the right option button to select a Contact or dial a number.
    device 5154/9006132_04.jpg
  5. END A CALL: Press the Power/End call button.
    device 5154/9006132_05.jpg

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