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View and pay your AT&T bills online, manage your account, reset passwords, or upgrade your AT&T services.

  1. From the home screen, press the OK button. Press the directional buttons to navigate to and highlight the myAT&T app, then press the OK button.
    Note: To learn more, visit the myAT&T website.
    device 5154/9006116_01.jpg
  2. Use the letters on the number keys to enter your User ID and Password, then select Sign in.
    Note: If you have forgotten your AT&T User ID or Password, select Forgot ID or Forgot Password. If you do not have an AT&T user ID, select Register then follow the on-screen prompts.
    device 5154/9006116_02.jpg
  3. View and manage your myAT&T account as desired.
    device 5154/9006116_03.jpg

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