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Browse the web and bookmark sites.



  1. ACCESS BROWSER: From the home screen, press the OK button. Press the directional buttons to navigate to and highlight the Browser app, then press the OK button.
    device 5154/9006113_01.jpg
  2. BOOKMARK A SITE: Press the right option button to select Options, then select Pin to Top Sites.
    device 5154/9006113_02.jpg
  3. ACCESS BOOKMARKED SITES: From the Browser, press the right option button to select Options then select Go to Top Sites.
    device 5154/9006113_03.jpg
  4. Navigate through the top sites, then select the desired site.
    device 5154/9006113_04.jpg
  5. SEARCH FOR A WEBSITE: From the Browser, navigate to the Search bar. Use the letters on the keypad to enter the desired search then select the desired search result.
    device 5154/9006113_05.jpg
  6. Select the desired website.
    device 5154/9006113_06.jpg

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