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Set up your device so you can remotely locate and control.

  1. ENABLE ANTI-THEFT: From the home screen, press the OK button. Press the directional buttons to navigate to the Settings app, then press the OK button.
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  2. Navigate to the Account Manager tab, then navigate and select Anti-Theft. Navigate to and select On.
    Note: You must be signed in to your KaiOS Account to access Anti-Theft. From the Settings app, navigate to the Account Manager tab > KaiOS Account > Sign In > follow the prompts. If you need to create an account, from the Setup KaiOS Account screen navigate to Create Account then press the OK button. Follow the prompts.
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  3. REMOTELY RING, LOCK OR WIPE DEVICE FROM ANOTHER DEVICE: On the other device, from the home screen select the Browser app. Enter in the Address bar, then select the Search icon.
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  4. Enter your KaiOS Account name and Password, then navigate to and select Sign In.
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  5. Navigate to and select MAKE RING to remotely ring your device. Navigate to and select REMOTE LOCK to remotely lock your device. Navigate to and select REMOTE WIPE to remotely wipe your device.
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  6. REMOTELY RING, LOCK, OR WIPE DEVICE USING A COMPUTER: Sign into your KaiOS account. From here you can make changes to settings and select your desired option.
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