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Make & Receive a Call

Make & Receive a Call

Place, receive, and reject a call.



  1. MAKE A PHONE CALL: From the home screen, enter the desired number then press the Call button.
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  2. CALL A CONTACT: From the home screen, press the OK button. Press the directional buttons to navigate to and highlight the Contacts app, then press the OK button.
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  3. Navigate to and select the desired contact, then select the desired number.
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  4. USE SPEED DIAL: Select and hold the assigned speed dial number.
    Note: To assign a contact to speed dial, press the right option button to select Speed Dial then navigate to and select the desired number. Press the right option button to select Assign, then navigate to the desired number and press the left option button to select Add. Navigate to the desired contact, then press the OK button.
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  5. MAKE A CONFERENCE CALL: While on an active call press the OK button to select Add Call > enter desired number or press the right option button to select Contacts > Call icon > Merge call.  
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  6. ANSWER/DECLINE AN INCOMING CALL: To answer an incoming call, press the Call button. To decline a call, press the Power/End call button.

    Note: Calls can also be answered by opening the phone if closed and ended by closing the phone if opened. To learn about calling or using your device in other countries, visit the AT&T International website
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