Camera & Video Settings

Camera & Video Settings

Manage camera and video settings including storage location, flash, picture size, timer, and more.

In this tutorial, you will learn about:

• Changing the picture size
• Setting the timer
• Turning the flash on or off

From the home screen, select the Camera app Camera app.

To access Camera settings, from the Camera app select swipe right

step 1

Change Picture Size

From the Camera settings menu, select Picture size or Picture quality to access additional photo size options, increase quality or storage capacity on the device.

Step 1step 2


Camera Options

FLASH ICON: Select the Flash icon to select the desired option.

step 3

SET A TIMER: From the Camera settings menu, select Countdown timer then select the desired option.

step 4 


RESTORE DEFAULT CAMERA SETTINGS: From the Camera settings menu, scroll to and select Restore defaults then select OK to confirm.

step 5

CHANGE CAMERA MODES: From the Camera app, select the Menu icon then select the desired mode

step 6

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