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Take a Picture

Take a Picture

Learn how to access Camera, take a Picture, switch between front and rear facing camera, edit and share saved pictures, and more.



  1. ACCESS CAMERA: From the home screen, select the Camera app.
    Note: his device has a 13MP rear-facing normal and 13MP rear-facing wide camera and a 5MP front-facing normal and front-facing wide camera with available selfie light. Select and hold the Camera app to access shortcuts to various camera modes. To access the Camera app while the phone is locked, press the down volume button twice.
    device 5220/9007099_01.jpg
  2. TAKE A PHOTO: Select the Capture icon.
    Note: You can also take a picture by saying "Cheese," "Smile," or "LG." To enable or disable Voice control for photos, from the Camera app select the Settings icon > Cheese shutter icon. You can also take a picture by pressing either of the volume buttons.
    device 5220/9007099_02.jpg
  3. ZOOM IN/OUT: Drag two fingers from the middle of the screen toward the outer edges of the screen to zoom in. Pinch two fingers from the outer edges of the screen to the middle of the screen to zoom out.
    device 5220/9007099_03.jpg
  4. FOCUS: Select the screen in the desired location to focus the camera.
    device 5220/9007099_04.jpg
  5. SWITCH BETWEEN CAMERAS: Select the Switch camera icon.
    Note: You can also swipe in any direction to quickly switch between the rear and front facing cameras.
    device 5220/9007099_05.jpg
  6. CAMERA MODES: Select the MODE icon, then select the desired mode.
    Note: For more information, please see the Camera Modes tutorial.
    device 5220/9007099_06.jpg
  7. REGULAR VS. WIDE ANGLE: To switch between the wide angle and regular cameras, select the desired option
    device 5220/9007099_07.jpg
  8. SNAP SHOT MODE: From the camera app, select MODE then select Snap shot
    Note: Snap shot mode allows you to take a picture or video and then immediately view it while still in the Camera app.
    device 5220/9007099_08.jpg
  9. ENABLE FOOD MODE: From the MODE screen, select Food.
    Note: Food mode provides camera control options specialized for photographing food.
    device 5220/9007099_09.jpg
  10. GESTURE/AUTO SHOT: While taking a "selfie" with Auto shot, the camera will detect your face and automatically take a picture. While taking a "selfie" with Gesture shot, hold an open hand in front of the camera then make a fist to take a photo.
    Note: To change the settings between auto and gesture shot, from the Camera app select the Settings icon. From the Selfie section, select Gesture shot then select the desired option.
    device 5220/9007099_10.jpg
  11. QUICKLY SHARE A PHOTO: Select and drag the Instant Share icon to the left of the screen to reveal multiple ways of sharing the photo. Select the desired sharing method, then follow the on-screen prompts.
    device 5220/9007099_11.jpg
  12. ACCESS SAVED PICTURES: From the home screen, select the Gallery app then navigate to and select the desired picture.
    Note: To edit or delete a picture, from the desired picture select the screen then select the Edit or Delete icon. Follow the prompts to edit or delete the picture as desired.
    device 5220/9007099_12.jpg
  13. TAKE A SCREENSHOT: Press and hold the Volume down and Power/Lock buttons.
    Note: To access screenshots, from the home screen select the Gallery app > Menu icon > Albums > Screenshots.
    device 5220/9007099_13.jpg

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