View or Close Running Apps

View or Close Running Apps

How to view, switch between, and close running applications.

  1. ACCESS RECENT APPS: Select the Recent apps key.

    device 5200/9006121_01.jpg
  2. OPEN AN APP: Select the desired app.
    device 5200/9006121_02.jpg
  3. SWITCH BETWEEN APPS: Scroll to and select the desired app.

    device 5200/9006121_03.jpg
  4. CLOSE AN APP: Select the X icon on the desired app.

    device 5200/9006121_04.jpg
  5. CLOSE ALL APPS: Scroll to the top of the running apps, then select CLEAR ALL.

    Note: For information on viewing app and data usage, please see the View & Manage Data tutorial.
    device 5200/9006121_05.jpg

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