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Take a Video

Take a Video

Record a video, capture images during video recording, access videos

  1. SWITCH CAMERAS: From the home screen, select the Camera app. To record a selfie, swipe left to select Video > select the Switch camera icon > select the Record icon.

    Note: The video recorder is 4K UHD at 30fps. You cannot switch the camera while you are recording a video.

    step 1

  2. RECORD A VIDEO: Select the Record icon.

    step 2

  3. FOCUS THE CAMERA: Touch the desired area of the photo you wish to focus on. A circle will appear when the area is selected.

    step 3

  4. ZOOM IN/OUT: Move two fingers apart towards the edge of the screen to zoom in. Pinch two fingers together towards the middle of the screen to zoom out.


  5. CAPTURE IMAGE WHILE RECORDING: Select the Capture icon.

    step 5

  6. PAUSE/RESUME/STOP A RECORDING: Select the Pause icon to pause a recording. Select the Record icon to resume recording. Select the Stop icon to end a recording.

    step 6

  7. ACCESS SAVED VIDEOS: From the Camera screen, select the Gallery icon to access and edit saved videos.

    step 7


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