Change alerts

This article describes how to change the device's alerts.

  1. Alert notifications will display in the Notifications bar.
    device 2731/1340787.jpg
  2. Drag down from the Notifications bar with one finger to access the Notifications menu.
    device 2731/1340776.jpg
  3. Tap a notification to view it or launch the associated app.
    device 2731/1340777.jpg
  4. Tap the Clear icon to clear all notifications.
    device 2731/1340812.jpg
  5. To change alert sounds, from the home screen, drag down from the Notifications bar with two fingers to access the menu.
    device 2731/1340778.jpg
  6. Tap SETTINGS.
    device 2731/1340779.jpg
  7. Tap Sound.
    device 2731/1340781.jpg
  8. Scroll to, then tap Default notification sound.
    device 2731/1340782.jpg
  9. Tap the desired notification sound.
    device 2731/1340785.jpg
  10. Tap OK.
    device 2731/1340786.jpg

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