Pattern screen lock
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Pattern screen lock

This article describes the pattern screen lock feature.

  1. From the home screen, tap the Apps icon.
    device 2684/1318493.jpg
  2. Swipe to, then tap Settings.
    device 2684/1318492.jpg
  3. Scroll to "PRIVACY & SECURITY", then tap Security.
    device 2684/1318491.jpg
  4. Tap Screen lock.
    device 2684/1318447.jpg
  5. Tap Pattern.
    device 2684/1318461.jpg
  6. Touch, then drag to draw the desired pattern.
    device 2684/1318462.jpg
  7. Tap Continue.
    device 2684/1318464.jpg
  8. Touch, then drag to confirm the pattern.
    device 2684/1318469.jpg
  9. Tap Confirm.
    device 2684/1318471.jpg
  10. Tap the PIN field to set the desired PIN.
    device 2684/1318476.jpg
  11. Tap Continue.
    device 2684/1318478.jpg
  12. Tap the PIN field to enter the confirm your PIN.
    device 2684/1318479.jpg
  13. Tap OK.
    device 2684/1318488.jpg
  14. Touch, then drag to draw the set lock pattern to unlock.
    device 2684/1318490.jpg

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