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This article describes how to create or edit calendar events.

  1. From the home screen, tap Menu.
    device 2788/1294770.jpg
  2. Swipe to, then tap Tools.
    device 2788/1294771.jpg
  3. Tap Calendar.
    device 2788/1294772.jpg
  4. Tap Create.
    device 2788/1294773.jpg
  5. Tap Event.
    device 2788/1294774.jpg
  6. Tap the What field, then enter the desired event title.
    device 2788/1294775.jpg
  7. Tap OK.
    device 2788/1294776.jpg
  8. Tap the From Date field.
    device 2788/1294777.jpg
  9. Scroll to the desired date, then tap Save.
    device 2788/1294778.jpg
  10. Tap the From Time field.
    device 2788/1294779.jpg
  11. Scroll to the desired start time, then tap Save.
    device 2788/1294780.jpg
  12. Repeat steps 6-11 for the To Date and Time field.
    device 2788/1294781.jpg
  13. Edit any additional details, then tap Save.
    device 2788/1294782.jpg
  14. To edit an event, tap the desired event date on the calendar.
    device 2788/1294783.jpg
  15. Tap the desired event.
    device 2788/1294784.jpg
  16. Tap Edit.
    device 2788/1294785.jpg
  17. Scroll to, then edit the desired detail(s).
    device 2788/1294786.jpg
  18. Tap Save.
    device 2788/1294787.jpg

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