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Turn Bluetooth on or off, scan and connect to other Bluetooth devices, and unpair a connected device.

  1. From the Start screen, scroll to, then tap the Settings icon.
    device 2641/1280326.jpg
  2. Scroll to, then tap Bluetooth.
    device 2641/1280330.jpg
  3. Tap the Bluetooth switch to turn Bluetooth On or Off.
    device 2641/1280331.jpg
  4. Tap the desired Bluetooth device to pair.
    device 2641/1280333.jpg
  5. If prompted, confirm that the PIN matches, then tap OK.
    device 2641/1280337.jpg
  6. The device is now paired. The Bluetooth icon will be displayed on the notification bar. To unpair, touch and hold the paired device.
    device 2641/1280339.jpg
  7. Tap delete.
    device 2641/1280340.jpg
  8. When Bluetooth is turned On, the Bluetooth icon will be displayed in the Notification bar. To quickly turn Bluetooth On or Off, swipe down from the top of the screen to access the Action Center.
    device 2641/1280341.jpg
    device 2641/1280342.jpg

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