Device layout

Device layout

Provides an overview of the device layout.

  1. The Power key locks the device screen, and is used to power the device off and on.
    device 2639/1277715.jpg
  2. The Camera key activates the camera, and can be used to take a picture or record video.
    device 2639/1277716.jpg
  3. Press the Volume keys to adjust device volume.
    device 2639/1277777.jpg
  4. Press the Back key to return to the previous screen. Press and hold to view currently running applications.
    device 2639/1277778.jpg
  5. Press the Windows key to return to the Start menu.
    device 2639/1277784.jpg
  6. Press the Search key to activate Cortana.
    Note: Cortana enables intelligent voice searching and voice commands on your device. You can also use the touchscreen to enter a search term.
    device 2639/1277832.jpg

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