Perform a text and voice search on your device and how to adjust search settings.

  1. From any screen, press the Search key to activate Cortana.
    Note: Cortana is a built-in search application on your device that will learn from your actions and customize searches to optimize your Windows Phone experience.
    device 2639/1280671.jpg
  2. Tap allow.
    device 2639/1321122.jpg
  3. To enter a search term, tap the Search field.
    device 2639/1280679.jpg
  4. Enter the desired search term, then tap the Return icon.
    device 2639/1280681.jpg
  5. Tap the desired result.
    device 2639/1280683.jpg
  6. Tap the X icon to clear the search field.
    device 2639/1280682.jpg
  7. To perform a voice search, tap the Voice icon.
    device 2639/1280684.jpg
  8. Speak the desired command, search term, or question.
    Note: Cortana will begin the search automatically.
    device 2639/1280687.jpg

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