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Send & receive email

Send & receive email

Add and download email attachments, respond to an email and more.

  1. Slide left the Start screen, and then scroll to and tap the desired Email tile.
    Note: Tap the Outlook tile on the Start screen to quickly open the main email account. A valid email account must be tied to the device to complete this action.
    device 2639/1280561.jpg
  2. Tap the Add icon.
    device 2639/1280563.jpg
  3. Enter the desired recipient email address.
    device 2639/1280564.jpg
  4. Tap the Return icon.
    device 2639/1280565.jpg
  5. Tap the Subject field, then enter the desired email subject.
    device 2639/1280566.jpg
  6. Tap the Message field, then enter the desired message.
    device 2639/1280570.jpg
  7. To attach media, tap the Attachment icon.
    device 2639/1280571.jpg
  8. Tap the desired photo.
    device 2639/1280572.jpg
  9. Tap the OK icon.
    device 2639/1280573.jpg
  10. Tap the Send icon.
    device 2639/1280574.jpg
  11. To receive new email, tap the Refresh icon.
    device 2639/1280583.jpg
  12. Tap the desired email to open.
    device 2639/1280584.jpg
  13. Tap the Reply icon to reply.
    device 2639/1280585.jpg
  14. Tap the desired option to reply, forward, or reply to all.
    device 2639/1280586.jpg
  15. Unread mail will display on the Outlook tile on the Start screen.
    device 2639/1280587.jpg

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