Reset device

Reset device

Learn how to perform a soft and factory reset of the device.

  1. To perform a factory reset, from the home screen, press the Right Soft Key.
    Note: This process will eliminate all user data and cannot be undone. This feature is not available in Breeze Mode. To access Breeze Mode, Press menu > Settings > Phone Mode > Breeze Mode.
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  2. Scroll to Settings, then press the Center Nav key.
    device 2651/1292356.jpg
  3. Scroll to Reset, then press the Center Nav Key.
    device 2651/1292357.jpg
  4. Enter the required password, then press the Center Nav Key.
    Note: The default password is set to 1234.
    device 2651/1292358.jpg
  5. Scroll to Master Reset, then press the Center Nav Key.
    device 2651/1292359.jpg
  6. Press the Left Soft Key to confirm.
    device 2651/1292360.jpg
  7. To perform a soft reset, remove the Back cover by sliding the cover down.
    device 2651/1292361.jpg
  8. Remove the Battery by pulling upward from the slot.
    device 2651/1292362.jpg
  9. Let the device stand for sixty seconds.
    device 2651/1292363.jpg
  10. Align the metal contacts and slide the Battery into the Battery slot.
    device 2651/1292364.jpg
  11. Replace the Back cover and press firmly into place.
    device 2651/1292365.jpg
  12. Press and hold the Power key to power on the device.
    device 2651/1292366.jpg

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